Battle of Cassidy III

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Skirmish on a Spartan-IV training station


Attack on Installation 00

Battle of Cassidy III


Created conflict


After October 30, 2558


Cassidy III, Cassidy system[1]


Created victory





In late 2558, a battle took place on the United Rebel Front planet Cassidy III.[3]


SPARTAN-IV training station[edit]

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Cassidy III[edit]

Alpha-Nine arrived at Cassidy III and were allowed to land and enter discussions with Mayor Juanita Wells on a possible UNSC-URF alliance against the Created. After landing, Captain Dare and Mayor Wells argued extensively with one another over the situation, though with the help of Mickael Crespo, tensions subsided. Dare and Wells struck a deal where Vergil would stay to further study the unique Forerunner properties of Cassidy III for the URF. However, fragments of Leonidas had attached themselves to Taylor Miles and Gretchen Ketola's armors. Leonidas alerted the Created of Cassidy III.[4]


Moments later, a Guardian Custode arrived over the planet and portals opened, allowing Armigers to start assaulting the planet.[2] Alpha-Nine were in a park at the time along with Mayor Wells' armed escorts. Although they beat the Armigers in the local area, more had arrived in the rest of Hole in the Wall. Wells and Alpha-Nine retreated to the First Precinct while Sadie Endesha and Vergil would stay with their parked Condor in order to leave the planet. Upon reaching the First Precinct, Michael Crespo was armed and ammunition was given to Alpha-Nine.[5]

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Ultimately, Alpha-Nine would have to retreat from the planet. They did assist in evacuating URF leadership and scientists to an unknown location. Due to the circumstances of the battle, Sadie and Vergil did not end up going with the URF. Alpha-Nine, Sadie and Vergil would return to the UNSC Infinity after a number of random jumps. Alpha-Nine would officially be reinstated and would soon after deploy on another mission.[6]

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