Razing of Oth Sonin

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Razing of Oth Sonin
goodnight sweet prins (rip).


Created conflict[1]


c. late 2559


Oth Sonin system, Orion Arm[1]


Created victory


"Our home was taken from us. Doisac was destroyed. As repayment, we claim this ancient Ring. And all the power it possesses. Never again will we mourn so great a loss! Our place is here! Our time is NOW!"
Warmaster Atriox following the razing of Oth Sonin.[6]

The Razing of Oth Sonin[7] was a Created attack on the Oth Sonin system, resulting in the destruction of the Jiralhanae homeworld Doisac and the devastation of its moons.[1][2]


Cortana and her Created came to power in October 2558. They subdued the galaxy with their Forerunner constructs known as Guardians, seeking to enforce a martial peace. The Sangheili-Jiralhanae war raged on,[8] and Jiralhanae infighting between their various master-packs and smaller clans continued as well.[9] This violence made the Oth Sonin system a hotspot for the Created to subdue.

Atriox's Banished had united many Jiralhanae clans across Doisac and its moons,[3] though not all clans. There were many clans, including those on Warial, who continued to resist the Banished.[2] Some considered the Banished to be too similar to the Covenant from a distance, and were wary of being shackled by oppression again.[2] Others on Doisac saw working alongside the much hated Sangheili to be a sign of poor character.[10]


As the wider Jiralhane infighting continued, the Banished and its allied clans staged a defensive against the Created in their home system. They fought hard against Cortana's forces.[3]

Cortana eventually confronted Atriox off world, issuing him an ultimatum to surrender by asking him where he stood. Atriox responded "With the Banished. Always. Forever". Cortana asked the warmaster a second time if he understood the consequences, to which he confirmed. A hologram of Doisac was shown to Atriox as Cortana asked him to look at his homeworld one last time and remember that he chose the fate of his planet. The destruction of Doisac by the firing of eight Guardian beams was broadcast to Atriox in the hologram.[1]

The blast would also devastate Teash, Warial, and Soirapt. The outposts across Warial were destroyed, though a few hundred thousand Jiralhanae managed to evacuate.[2] Teash was able to destroy some of the incoming debris of Doisac with anti-ship artillery and thousands of vessels escaped.[2]


Surviving Jiralhanae managed to escape, finding new places in the galaxy to live. Lydus and his Children of Oth Sonin took refuge on an abandoned human colony world, while others of his clan allegedly continued to lurk in the shadows of their home system.[4] The Banished sought to make Installation 07 their faction's new home.[6] Jiralhanae survivors from Teash relocated to the worlds of Gathved, Ordun Dal, and Savadok.[2]


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