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"Sometime when you were a baby, somebody stuck you with a needle and shot you full of miracles."
Stupid Cop[1]

"Spartan 1.1." is an unofficial designation given to the children of the Spartan-Is. While born ordinary, it is suspected that they are subjected to numerous augmentations at infancy.[1] Although they were not as advanced as the cybernetically- and surgically-enhanced Spartan-IIs or IIIs, or even their own chemically augmented parents, they were still physically superior to baseline humans.

In late 2552, a small group of 1.1s tried to create their own vigilante army to fight the Covenant, but just as they were ready to leave Earth to find the Covenant, the aliens invaded.[2].


  • Higher-than-average intelligence[1]
  • Increased speed[1]
  • Enhanced vision[3]
  • Immunity to most illnesses[1]
  • Inability to become intoxicated through alcohol,[1] though they can get high through an unspecified illegal recreational drug,[4] as well as by painkillers[5]
  • Decreased amount of time required for sleep[1]
  • Enhanced hearing[6]
  • Increased lung capacity[7]
  • Superior muscle density[7]
  • Heightened sense of balance[7]
  • Accelerated cellular regeneration[8]
  • Faster-than-normal reflexes
  • Increased strength

Known Spartan 1.1s[edit]

Spartan 1.1s
Janissary James | Kevin Morales | Benji Wong | Guy | Frannie | Darin

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