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"Sometime when you were a baby, somebody stuck you with a needle and shot you full of miracles."
Unidentified Bergen County police officer[1]

"Spartan 1.1." is an unofficial designation given to the children of the Spartan-Is. While born ordinary, it is suspected that they are subjected to numerous augmentations at infancy.[1] Although they were not as advanced as the cybernetically- and surgically-enhanced Spartan-IIs or IIIs, or even their own chemically augmented parents, they were still physically superior to baseline humans.

In late 2552, a small group of 1.1s tried to create their own vigilante army to fight the Covenant, but just as they were ready to leave Earth the Covenant invaded.[2].


  • Higher-than-average intelligence[1]
  • Increased speed[1]
  • Enhanced vision[3]
  • Immunity to most illnesses[1]
  • Inability to become intoxicated through alcohol,[1] though they can get high through an unspecified illegal recreational drug,[4] as well as by painkillers[5]
  • Decreased amount of time required for sleep[1]
  • Enhanced hearing[6]
  • Increased lung capacity[7]
  • Superior muscle density[7]
  • Heightened sense of balance[7]
  • Accelerated cellular regeneration[8]
  • Faster-than-normal reflexes
  • Increased strength

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