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Rion Forge & Ace Of Spades series

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The Rion Forge & Ace Of Spades series is the retroactive name given to Halo novels focusing on Rion Forge and the crew of the Mariner-class transport ship Ace of Spades, written by Kelly Gay.

It consists of Halo: Smoke and Shadow (2016), Halo: Renegades (2019), and Halo: Point of Light (2021).


Title Cover Author Audio book narrators Publication Summary
Halo: Smoke and Shadow Halo Smoke and Shadow cover.jpg Kelly Gay Scott Brick 2016 Follows Rion Forge on her quest to discover the fate of her father and his ship, the UNSC Spirit of Fire.
Halo: Renegades Halo Renegades cover.jpg Kelly Gay Justine Eyre 2019 Sequel of Halo: Smoke and Shadow. Follows Rion Forge and the Ace of Spades's crew in their journey to find Rion's father and the Spirit of Fire, while they are pursued by ONI and Covenant remnants.
Halo: Point of Light Halo Point of Light cover.jpg Kelly Gay Scott Brick, Tim Dadabo 2021 Sequel of Halo: Renegades. Follows Rion Forge, Spark and the Ace of Spades's crew as they are pursued by ONI while trying to complete the Librarian's plan.


The Halo: Fractures short story Into the Fire is the first half of the novel Halo: Smoke and Shadow. It features no changes between releases except gaining chapters.


This series shares narrative connections with the flash fiction short Spirit of Bloody Fire. Cutter. Bloody hell. from the Halo Wars: Official Strategy Guide, where an event from the short is expanded upon in Halo: Smoke and Shadow.

The series also contains a narrative link to Halo Wars, as the series' story starts with a character hunting for the ship.

This series also acts as a soft-sequel to Halo: Primordium as Halo: Renegades follows up on 343 Guilty Spark after he captured the UNSC Rubicon, and as a follow-up of the Forerunner Saga, while more secrets from the Forerunners and the Precursors are revealed thanks to the Librarian.