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Basic information

In college. Studying to be a Mechanical Engineer.

About me

I actively run one of the largest Halo-themed iFunny accounts, TheArbiter117. You can find me on Twitter at @TArbiter117.

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Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

Probably something from Halo 3. A favorite of these would be during the mission Cortana. The Arbiter comes to save Chief and Cortana on High Charity. I love when she says "I've got a friendly contact! Who would be crazy enough to come in here?" And bam! There's the Arbiter being badass wielding a flamethrower. It speaks volumes toward his character development.

Worst Halo moment

I hate everything about the term "hyper lethal vector."

Anything else

Favorite character - Arbiter (Thel 'Vadam), Favorite game - Halo 3, Favorite Spartan - Linda-058, Favorite weapon - Sniper Rifle (from any of the games)

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Hey! Your recents contributions to the page Beta Gabriel are great and many. However, some of them are quite small, so might I recommend using the minors edit button? Thanks a bunch!


It's not my particular area so I'd say raise the issue on the talk page. However, I would check to make sure that it's not the original release of fall of reach. But yeah in general I'd keep to majority sources and note the disrepancy in the notes.


Page looks good! To add or remove notices like that, there'll be some text at the top of the page looking like {{References}}, which is the template. Just remove that when you feel it no longer applies.

As a small aside, it'd be great if we could get page numbers switched out for chapters. One thing we're slowly adopting across the board is the use of chapter numbers to account for all the various reprints/ editions of the novels.

Thanks a lot!