Ring of Mighty Abundance

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An illustration of the Ring of Mighty Abundance, cropped from a full illustration of Zhoist found here.
The Ring of Mighty Abundance formed a noticeable ring around Zhoist prior to its destruction.

The Ring of Mighty Abundance was a Covenant megastructural harborage created around the planet Zhoist.


The Ring was a network of ten Covenant fleet support stations, research halls, shipyards and other facilities networked around the equatorial orbit of Zhoist, linked together by a green transit tube. The individual stations ranged in size and were flecked with glowing bubbles of industrial facilities. The ring was supplied by several massive gravity lifts serving as space elevators. By 2526, the ring was a primary support station for the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience and was presently constructing the supercarrier Hammer of Faith.[1]


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During Operation: SILENT STORM, Task Force Yama launched an attack on the Ring of Mighty Abundance. Prior to the attack, Catherine Halsey estimated that destroying nine of the ten facilities would give a 71% chance of the ring becoming unstable and falling out of orbit. Destroying seven would leave that chance on 49%.[2] During the attack, Blue Team and Green Team were successfully able to destroy nine of the ten facilities alongside the Hammer of Faith construction dock.[3]

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