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Battle over Etalan


Battle of Circinius IV

Battle of Zhoist


Human-Covenant War


April 15, 2526[1]


Zhoist, Buta system


UNSC victory




  • Minor Minister of Artifact Survey



The Battle of Zhoist[5] was the final engagement between the UNSC Navy's Task Force Yama and the Covenant in Operation: SILENT STORM that took place on April 15, 2526 at the Covenant relic world of Zhoist, both in orbit and on the ground.[1][4]



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In March 2526, the UNSC enacted Operation: SILENT STORM with the goal of slowing the Covenant's advance through the Outer Colonies. For this operation, Task Force Yama was split from Battle Group X-Ray and managed to deduce that the Covenant's Fleet of Inexorable Obedience was planning to attack Biko.[6] Task Force Yama travelled to Biko's moon of Seoba where they planned to lie in wait for the Covenant, ambushing them and boarding their ships to destroy them from within. However, due to an Insurrectionist presence on the moon, a flotilla of Covenant intrusion corvettes discovered that the UNSC were using it as a staging ground and attacked.[7][8] After the fighting on Seoba had subsided, UNSC recovered a kelguid from the wreckage of one of the intrusion corvettes.[9]

Counterattack at Etalan[edit]

Main article: Battle over Etalan

Shortly after the battle on Seoba, the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience arrived at Biko. As the human defense forces tried in vain to beat back the Covenant,[10] a detachment from Task Force Yama was sent to the nearby colony of Etalan, which had been glassed a few days earlier.[11] Here, the detachment, led by the Spartan-IIs of Blue, Gold, and Green Teams, decimated the logistics flotilla serving the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience.[12]

Glassing of Biko[edit]

Five days after originally arriving at Biko, the human defense forces had been obliterated and Task Force Yama had been forced to withdraw. At this point, the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience began to glass the planet, despite the fact that they were beginning to run low on carrier gas for their plasma weaponry due to the attack on their logistics vessels at Etalan. To this end, Fleetmaster Nizat 'Kvarosee called for another logistics convoy from the relic world of Zhoist. However, he soon learned that the humans had recovered a kelguid from one of his ships and he realized his mistake. If the UNSC were able to decipher the kelguid, they could use it combined with the knowledge of the replacement convoy's arrival to deduce the location of Zhoist. Fearing an attack on the vital world, 'Kvarosee ordered the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience to fall back and prepare for its defense.[13]

UNSC preparations[edit]

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Meeting with the Hierarchs[edit]

With the destruction of so many assets, including Forerunner artifacts, 'Kvarosee was summoned to High Charity to meet with the Hierarchs. During the slipspace journey there, he isolated himself, eating no food, and gazed out at the void, believing himself to be on the Path of Oblivion.[2]

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