Siege of the Inner Colonies

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Massacre of the Outer Colonies


Meridian, Arcadia (II), New Jerusalem, Installation 04, Installation 05


Installation 00

Siege of the Inner Colonies
Fall of Reach 1.jpg
Reach falls in 2552


Human-Covenant War


June 1, 2536[1] - circa December 3, 2552[Note 1][2]


Inner colonies, Orion Arm, Milky Way galaxy


Pyrrhic UNSC-Sangheili Victory

  • Discovery of Halo Array
  • Loss of a number of the inner colonies, including Reach
  • Billions of civilian and miltary casualties




Incredibly devastating losses

Moderate Sangheili casualties

Heavy losses


The Siege of the Inner Colonies[1] was the series of engagements taking place in humanity's Inner colonies that made up the late Human-Covenant War[3][Note 3] and roughly corresponds to the time between the implementation of the Cole Protocol and the end of the war.[4]

There would be a handful of human victories through the Siege, though they were only minor setbacks for the Covenant.[5] Typically these victories were won in costly ground campaigns, with space combat still largely in the Covenant's favor.[1][3] Although the pace of destruction did not match the Massacre of the Outer Colonies,[4] colonies still fell one-by-one.[1][3] Propaganda and willful ignorance kept the innermost colonies detached from the actual horrors going on.[5]


Outer Colony slaughters[edit]

Main article: Massacre of the Outer Colonies

Following the loss of the Outer Colonies, the UEG gave new emergency powers to the UNSC and martial law was declared in numerous areas.[6]


From June 1, 2536, onwards, the Covenant would press into the Inner Colonies.[1]

Eight years afterward, the Inner Colony of Miridem would fall to the Covenant.[7] This would eventually result in the capture of Catherine Halsey.[8] In May 2545, Actium was discovered by the Covenant, resulting in the month long Battle of Actium.[9]

In May of 2552,[Note 4] the colonies of Troy and Harmony in the Hellespont system were attacked.

Attacks in the Epsilon Eridani system[edit]

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On July 23, 2552, the Fleet of Valiant Prudence deployed Sangheili Zealots to disable the Visegrád Relay, effectively cutting Reach off from the UNSC.[10]

By August 30, 2552, nearly a dozen Inner Colony worlds were passed over by the Covenant in order to attack Reach.[11]

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Fighting in the Sol System[edit]

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A number of Inner Colonies managed to survive the war.[12][13]

The Lesser Ark[edit]

Main article: Battle of Installation 00

The joint UNSC and Sangheili forces were deployed to the Ark after discovering the portal.[14]

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  • January 10, 2545: The Covenant arrive in the Draco system and quickly destroy the UNSC defenses surrounding Draco III. However instead of using their typical tactic of glassing all major settlements, the Covenant spare some of the cities of Draco III from destruction for use as a hunting ground to feed their starving Unggoy and Kig-Yar populations.[17][18] Spartan-IIs retaliate by killing every Covenant remaining on the planet, at the expense of being unable to save any civilians.
  • May: A month long campaign on Actium takes place between the Covenant and UNSC. The UNSC is defeated and the planet is eventually glassed by the Covenant, but not before the UNSC forces destroy three of the largest Covenant staging areas on record.[19]
  • July 3, 2545: Operation: TORPEDO is undertaken by UNSC Spartan-IIIs to eliminate a Covenant fuel refinery. The refinery is destroyed, at the cost of all but two of the 300 Spartan-IIIs.[20]











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