Battle of New Harmony

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Battle of New Harmony


Human-Covenant War[1]


Early 2537, before July 27[2]


New Harmony[1]


Strategic UNSC victory[3]


United Nations Space Command[1]



Danforth Whitcomb[3]



Civilian casualties[4]



The Battle of New Harmony[1] was an engagement between the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant during the Human-Covenant War on the human colony world of New Harmony. It took place in the first half of 2537, prior to July 27.[2]

The battle[edit]

During the battle, Danforth Whitcomb led UNSC Navy forces into battle, securing one of the few UNSC naval victories of the Covenant War.[3] In the battle, prowler UNSC Razor's Edge managed to attach a telemetry probe to a retreating Covenant frigate, allowing the prowler to track the ship and locate K7-49, an asteroid serving as a major Covenant shipyard. This subsequently led to the strategic, though costly, victory during Operation: PROMETHEUS.[1]

While the Battle of New Harmony was one of the few naval victories for the UNSC, the engagement has also been referred to as the fall of New Harmony. As the battle resulted in civilian casualties on New Harmony,[4] the Covenant may have proved victorious on the world's surface.

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