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26th century

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2537 was a year in the 2530s in the 26th century.



January 1

January 2

  • Serina notes that while the Flood form does not appear to be experiencing suffering, it does seem like it is hungry.

January 3

  • The combat form begins to morph to become more like a carrier form.

January 4

  • The Flood disperse new Pod infectors and overtake more crew members in an attempt to break quarantine. Spartan SCPO Jerome-092 is awoken and exterminates all infected personnel, eliminating the Flood presence on the Spirit of Fire. After the event, Serina starts her final dispensation, killing herself.


March 19


July 27

  • Operation: PROMETHEUS. Most of Spartan-III Alpha Company destroys a Covenant shipyard on asteroid K7-49, but all 300 of the participating Spartans are killed in the process.[2][3]

July 30

  • Kurt discovers the fate of Alpha Company and selects the candidates for Beta Company.[4][5]


December 8



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