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26th century

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2537 was a year in the 2530s in the 26th century.



  • January 1: Serina awakens engineering specialist Violeta Maldini in order to perform operations and maintenance on the UNSC Spirit of Fire. Specialist Maldini is attacked by a Flood Pod infector and is overtaken by the parasite. Serina locks the resultant combat form in Cryo-bay Foxtrot 7.
  • January 2: Serina notes that while the Flood form does not appear to be experiencing suffering, it does seem like it is hungry.
  • January 3: The combat form begins to morph to become more like a carrier form.
  • January 4: The Flood disperse new Pod infectors and overtake more crew members in an attempt to break quarantine. Spartan SCPO Jerome-092 is awoken and exterminates all infected personnel, eliminating the Flood presence on the Spirit of Fire. After the event, Serina starts her final dispensation, killing herself.


  • July 27: Operation: PROMETHEUS. Most of Spartan-III Alpha Company destroys a Covenant shipyard on asteroid K7-49, but all 300 of the participating Spartans are killed in the process.[1][2]
  • July 30: Kurt discovers the fate of Alpha Company and acquires the candidates for Beta Company.[3][4]



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