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26th century

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Early 2532[edit]






  • Battle of Vodin: The Covenant attack the UEG colony world of Vodin; the colony survives, but the UNSC suffers significant casualties in the engagement.
  • Spartan Randall-037 is deemed an "unrecoverable asset" during the Battle of Vodin and is designated missing in action.[7] He would later be considered one of the few SPARTAN-IIs to be truly MIA.[8] However, he would survive by landing in one of Vodin's oceans and subsequently integrate with the planet's civilian population, later refusing to return to the UNSC.[7]
  • Photojournalist Jake Courage gets into a disagreement with his editor. Although the details remain ambiguous, it is believed that Courage wanted to print a series of pictures from a deadly Grunt attack. His editor refuses on the grounds that they are too graphic, and so Courage leaves the paper and staged his own exhibition. The photos won him critical acclaim and set him up as a well-respected war photographer.[9]
  • Future ODST Victor Ramos is born sometime this year.[10]


  1. ^ According to Halo: Mortal Dictata, Dr. Alban's suicide occurred in 2523. However, the 2019 edition of the novel corrected this to 2532.


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