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Things to do:

  • Update difficulty pages, see Legendary for a good example—though it also needs an update with recent stuff from MCC/H2A.
  • Perhaps create a "Difficulty" hub page to give an overview of the difficulties, skulls, etc, along with info for games that don't have any difficulty at all like Spartan Assault. Perhaps modify also the "difficulty" template to add related stuff like Mythic, Skulls, Score, etc.
  • Many achievements have icons based on difficulty icons; add them to the difficulties' galleries to show all the different iterations of the icon. (e.g. Add an achievement icon with two crossed Rocket Launchers to Heroic's gallery)
  • Upload Halo Wars 2 screenshots

Important projects: Halo StarscopeAction figuresArtistsForged maps from old games (see Sandbox above)

Other things to add somewhere on the wiki: (Deleted material, not mods)

Halo 3 cut cinematics:

Not really important for the wiki, but still cool: