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Saint Denis, Reunion, France


Saint Denis, Reunion, France


August 11th



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La Réunion



Université de La Réunion

University of Sheffield

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Hi, I've been a Halo fan since 2005 and I hope I can contribute to this wiki. And I'm French.

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"I'm also going to work on Images of Munera Platform. It's alright to say..."
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Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Gears of War, Assassin's Creed, Pokémon

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Favorite Halo moment

When the Master Chief arrives on Installation 04.

Worst Halo moment

The levels Sacred Icon and Quarantine Zone in Halo 2.

Anything else

I actually like pretty much everything about Halo, all the games, novels, etc.

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Do you have the GI issue on Halo 5? Could you take a screenshot of each of the Fireteam Osiris members' pages?


Maybe but I think there's already too many images in that gallery so I'm bout to mark it for deletion. I'm sure we'll come across a better and bigger one eventually.


Oops. I was trying to send this together with the last message. Anyway, in cases like this it's better to defer to the more important character or entity: for instance, "Master Chief" redirects to John-117 rather than the Master Chief Petty Officer article since that's what most people would expect. You mentioned Palmer in your last message and that's also a good example. Honestly, very few users are going to search for the Marine named Palmer.

Coincidentally, both Marine!Palmer and Marine!Davis are from Palace Hotel. It's a conspiracy! :)


Scratch that. Manage to nab a poster of the official poster.


Xbox Wire provides only screenshots and no fact sheet on Champions Bundle. Waypoint just provides a trailer of Champions Bundle. All other third-party news sites reported them as Bullseye Map Pack.