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Blue Team

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Blue Team


September 2517 - Active by October 2559


United Nations Space Command[1]


UNSC Navy[1]


4 (as of 2559)



"You 'Spartans' have put quite a dent in our efforts to liberate the frontier worlds...I didn't believe it until I saw the video. All by the same four-man team. Some said 'Blue Team' was a myth."
General Howard Graves about Blue Team's activity[2]

Blue Team is a semi-constant unit composed predominantly of Spartan-IIs under the operational command of UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command, generally consisting of around four members. It was led by John-117 for most of its activity during the Human-Covenant War, though after John's involvement in the Battle of Mombasa, the role of leader was taken up by Frederic-104; John later resumed de facto command following his recovery years later.[1]

Blue Team has participated in more than two hundred and twenty military operations since its activation in 2525[1] against a plethora of foes, including Insurrectionists, the Covenant, and various Forerunner constructs. The team is exceptional even among the Spartan-IIs due to their involvement in many of the most pivotal engagements of both the Insurrection and the Covenant War.[3]

Known members[edit]

"Welcome to Blue, Spartans. We're going to make a great team."
— Kelly-087's traditional greeting to new teammates.[4]

After its conception in 2519, Blue Team originally consisted of three members; comprised of John-117, Samuel-034, and Kelly-087. For some training missions, Spartans like Fred-104, Fhajad-084 and Linda-058 were added to Blue Team.[5] After Samuel's death on a Covenant vessel in the Chi Ceti system, his spot remained vacant until John reluctantly filled it with Kurt-051.[6]

The unit's roster frequently changed for various combat operations, changing both members and size. During the Battle of Earth, Blue Team was reformed from the surviving Spartans on Earth, with the new roster being Fred-104, Linda-058 and William-043. During the events on and inside Onyx, the team lost Will and increased in number, with Kelly-087 rejoining, as well as SPARTAN-IIIs Lucy-B091, Tom-B292, Ash-G099, Mark-G313 and Olivia-G291 joining the team. As a result, Blue Team's highest roster count is officially eight.[1] The Spartan-IIIs were reassigned to other duties in mid-2553.[7] By 2557, Blue Team consisted of Fred, Kelly and Linda, until being joined by John after his return to the UNSC.[8]

Current composition (October 2559)
Blue Team in October 2558.
Former members

Operational history[edit]

"I remember thinking that no matter how dark the future, we could face it as a team. Or so I thought. We thought training, augmentation, armor made us untouchable, invulnerable, immortal. Blue Team. We were wrong. We were children. This was the only thing John was ever afraid of. Losing one of us. And we knew we weren't finishing this fight, we were just getting started."
— Kelly-087 remembering their first operation against the Covenant[9]


John: "Okay, this is supposed to be a training exercise, but this is the seventh time Chief Mendez has made us play with Tango Company."
Fred: "They're getting pretty tired of losing."
— John-117 and Fred-104 during a Spartan training exercise.[10]

Blue Team was formed around John-117, Kelly-087, and Samuel-034, who met on their first day of induction into the SPARTAN-II program. During their training Blue Team often exercised versus fellow SPARTAN-II Green Team, led by Kurt-051, and often lost because of Kurt's superior "sixth sense".[11]

In July, 2523, Blue Team, consisting of Linda-058 and Frederic-104, participated in training exercise along with Red Team, consisting of John-117, Kelly-087, Samuel-034 and Fhajad-084. Spartans were deployed in Longhorn Valley on Reach with mission target to capture the flag. Blue Team's mission was to provide cover, while Red Team infiltrated Tango Company's base and acquired the flag. Later on Blue Team rendezvoused with Red Team after John sent the all-clear signal.[12]

Capturing Colonel Watts[edit]

Blue Team capturing Colonel Robert Watts.
Main article: Operation: TALON

In the first UNSC military operation where the SPARTAN-IIs were put to the test after their intensive training, codenamed Operation: TALON, Blue Team was sent to infiltrate the rebel space habitat Eridanus Secundus in the Eridanus Asteroid Belt. Blue Team stowed aboard a Parabola-class freighter, the Laden, and managed to sneak into the city. Their objective was to locate and capture the rebel leader ex-Colonel Robert Watts, a UNSC turncoat.

With minimal attention, Blue Team managed to kill several of Watt's guards and subdue him with polypseudomorphine, a sedative. Then Blue Team hijacked a rebel Pelican dropship and Samuel-034 set and detonated explosive charges in the rebel base's hangar, making good their escape, but at the cost of dozens of civilians' lives. Blue Team was successful in its objective.

Chi Ceti Incident[edit]

Main article: Battle of Chi Ceti
John-117: "Requesting permission to attack the Covenant ship, ma’am."
Dr. Halsey: "Most certainly not. If a warship like the Commonwealth couldn’t destroy it, a Pelican is certainly no match for them."
John: "Not the Pelican. But I believe we Spartans are."
— John-117 outlining his plan to Dr. Halsey[13]
Spartans ready to infiltrate the Unrelenting.

Three months after Eridanus, Blue Team were briefed on the massacre that took place on Harvest shortly after first contact with the Covenant. A short time later, the UNSC Commonwealth, under the command of Captain Wallace, brought Blue Team and Dr. Halsey to the Damascus Testing Facility at Chi Ceti IV, where they were to receive the MJOLNIR powered armor for the first time.[14] When a Covenant ship, the Unrelenting, attacked the Commonwealth, Blue Team took part in their first engagement with the Covenant. The Spartans used thruster packs to launch themselves from a Pelican dropship. Each Spartan carried an ANVIL-II warhead to be used against the Covenant ship.[15] Blue Team entered the vessel through a puncture in its hull, caused by a MAC round from the Commonwealth. They succeeded in completing the mission and destroyed the Covenant ship, but due to a breach in Sam's armor, he was unable to leave the Covenant ship and volunteered to stay behind to ensure the destruction of the enemy vessel. Sam was killed in the ensuing explosion, becoming the first SPARTAN-II to be killed in action.

Alpha Corvi II[edit]

Main article: Battle of Alpha Corvi II

On December 3, 2525, Alpha Corvi II came under attack by the Covenant. As the Covenant pushed their attack on both fronts, Blue Team was deployed to disrupt the Covenant's activities on the surface and to identify an unknown artifact that they were searching for. During this engagement, the Spartans struck up an unsteady alliance with the URF rebels commanded by Whitaker, who understood the threat posed by the invaders.

Radiant Arrow[edit]

Main article: Skirmish over Netherop

As part of a mission authorized by Vice Admiral Michael Stanforth, Blue Team traveled with Gold and Green Teams to Netherop, where they observed the Radiant Arrow orbiting the planet for over a day. On March 5, 2526, they were deployed from the UNSC Starry Night to board and capture the frigate in the hopes that the Office of Naval Intelligence could reverse-engineer its technologies.[16] Ultimately, the mission was compromised when one of the men serving under the secretly-insurrectionist Lieutenant Commander Hector Nyeto purposefully sent a transmission to the Spartans, revealing their presence to the Covenant in an attempt to get them killed. While each of the Spartans under John-117's command were able to evacuate the alien vessel, it was destroyed when the Radiant Arrow's shipmaster activated its self-destruct.[17]


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Circinius IV[edit]

The three members of Blue Team sitting in a Pelican dropship's troop bay.
Main article: Battle of Circinius IV

After the events on Chi Ceti, Spartans John, Kelly and Frederic-104 were sent to support Marine forces in a search-and-capture mission against an Insurrectionist leader; the skirmish quickly escalated as the Covenant's arrival forced the UNSC troops to briefly side with the rebels.[18] In April 26, 2526 Blue Team was deployed to Circinius IV in defense of the Corbulo Academy of Military Science.[19] Despite their efforts, the Covenant glassed the planet and Blue Team rescued only three cadets of the academy.[20]

Battle of Mesra[edit]

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Battle of Netherop[edit]

Main article: Battle of Netherop
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Camp New Hope[edit]

Main article: Operation: SMOKING ACES

By 2531 Blue Team had carved out a reputation for itself among Insurrectionist forces. The then four-man team disrupted rebel operations including Station Jefferson, the destroyer Origami and a saboteur cell on Reach, as well as an incident in Micronesia, and a high-explosives manufacturing facility at an unspecified location.[21] In response the rebels gathered together three FENRIS nuclear warheads at Camp New Hope in a way so sloppy that the Office of Naval Intelligence could not help but notice, then contacted the UNSC and offered to trade the nukes in exchange for medicines for their people suffering from Boren's Syndrome. They then set a trap for Blue Team, whom they anticipated would be sent. They successfully ambushed John, Fred, Kelly and Linda using an antigravity plate, however were unaware of the presence of Kurt, a new addition to the team, who had avoided the trap. Kurt was able to free the other members of Blue Team and they then retreated from the camp with the recovered warheads. Rebel leader General Howard Graves was killed in the process.

Jericho VII[edit]

Main article: Battle of Jericho VII
"Four of us and a thousand of them? Piss poor odds for the little guys."
— Kelly-087 about their chances[22]

In 2535 Blue Team along with Red and Green Teams fought on Jericho VII, where they encountered tough resistance from UNSC forces above the planet and on the ground, resulting in a three day long stalemate. Blue Team's mission was to draw out the Covenant rear guard, so Red Team could slip behind their lines and plant a HAVOK tactical nuke, hoping to destroy the next Covenant ship that landed and dropped its shields, meanwhile Green Team was preventing a Covenant ground force advancement. These few Spartans were able to kill hundreds of Unggoy and destroy Shade turrets with little difficulty, as well as neutralizing their Banshee air support, by using the fougasses they had planted in case the Grunts got out of hand.

During the battle, Blue Team avenged the 105th Drop Jet Platoon by killing hundreds of the Unggoy. All of the Spartan teams accomplished their missions and returned safely to the remaining fleet in a Pelican dropship. Unfortunately, the UNSC fleet lost control of the space around Jericho VII after a brutal three day battle with the Covenant fleet, but Captain De Blanc was able to evacuate the Spartans before the enemy fleet began glassing the planet.

Raid on the Third Fleet of Glorious Consequence[edit]

The three members of Blue Team involved in Operation: WARM BLANKET.
Main article: Operation: WARM BLANKET

Shortly after the Battle of Miridem in 2544, Blue Team was part of a mission to rescue Dr. Catherine Halsey from a Covenant fleet. The team utilized OF92 Booster Frames, which were designed for ship boarding actions, and infiltrated the assault carrier Resplendent Fervor.[23] The Spartans completed their mission and rescued Dr. Halsey, but Arthur-079 and Solomon-069 were killed in the battle.[24]

Sigma Octanus IV[edit]

Main article: Operation: OCEAN BREAKER

After the city of Côte d'Azur on Sigma Octanus IV came under attack from Covenant forces, John-117 lead Blue Team under the city. Investigating Covenant activity in the Côte d'Azur Museum of Natural History, Blue Team discovered that the Covenant were scanning what appeared to be a simple piece of igneous rock, and sending the information to a ship in orbit. The team entered a protracted firefight with two Mgalekgolo, which was a victory at the expense of James' arm, recovered the rock, and escaped.[25]

With a group of surviving civilians evacuated, the SPARTANs returned to H.Q. and detonated the HAVOK warhead, destroying Côte d'Azur and removing the Covenant presence on the planet.[26]

Battle of Reach[edit]

Main article: Fall of Reach

During the Covenant attack on Reach, the SPARTAN-II company was divided into two teams: Red Team and Blue Team. Blue Team was tasked with defending an orbital space station's navigational data that could possibly lead the Covenant to Earth - which would be devastating to the UNSC. Red Team, far larger than Blue Team, was sent to the planet surface of Reach to defend its power generators that powered the Orbital Defense Platforms.

Blue Team consisted of John-117, James-005, and Linda-058. Blue Team departed from the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in a Pelican dropship and crash-landed on the space station shortly before waves of Jackal and Sangheili Rangers landed. On maneuvers, James was shot at with crystalline needler rounds that penetrated the propellant module on the back of his armor that allowed him to maneuver in zero-g. With thruster wash billowing everywhere, James was blown into space, unable to control his trajectory.

However, John and Linda were able to infiltrate the locked-down space station, and with the help of Staff Sergeant Avery J. Johnson and several other Marines, destroy the navigational data so that the Covenant would be unable to find and destroy Earth. However, during extraction, Linda was shot in the back with an overcharged plasma pistol, and fell into a deep coma. John and the Marine fireteam survived, however.

Raid on Unyielding Hierophant[edit]

Blue Team fighting aboard Unyielding Hierophant.
Main article: Operation: FIRST STRIKE
John-117: "My team is willing to accept the risk."
Adm. Whitcomb: "The risk? It's a one-way ticket, son. But if you're willing to do it, if you can slow the Covenant assault on Earth, then, hell, it might be worth the trade."
— Chief and Adm. Whitcomb about possible mission outcome[27]

Blue Team was newly formed when John came back to Reach after destruction of Installation 04 in search of his survived comrades. Upon his arrival Master Chief regrouped with Fred-104, Kelly-087, Grace-093, Anton-044, William-043 and Li-008 who were protecting Dr. Catherine Halsey and Vice Admiral Danforth Whitcomb with Kelly critically wounded by the assault cannons of two Hunters. The Spartans managed to escape Reach and return to Covenant flagship Ascendant Justice previously captured by John and the Marines at Alpha Halo and linked it with the damaged UNSC frigate Gettysburg. During a battle with pursuing Covenant ships, Anton-044 and Li-008 were killed during an EVA operation to repair a plasma conduit.

Soon after this they discovered that the Covenant already possessed coordinates of Earth's location and were building a massive invasion fleet consisting of about five hundred ships at the command-and-control center Unyielding Hierophant. John-117 came up with a plan to assault the Covenant station, although Ascendant Justice first had to undergo repairs. The crew managed to negotiate a truce with the inhabitants of the rebel base, Eridanus Secundus, infiltrated by Blue Team in 2525 and now led by Governor Jacob Jiles. While the vessel was being repaired Dr. Halsey managed to return Kelly-087 and Linda-058 to active duty; however, she sedated Kelly shortly after, took her aboard the private vessel of the rebel governor and left the system without anyone's knowledge or permission, heading to Onyx.

After receiving some repairs, John and the rest were forced to abandon the rebels in the face of a Covenant assault, and made their way toward Unyielding Hierophant. Blue Team, consisting of John, Fred, Linda, Will and Grace, infiltrated Unyielding Hierophant and succeeded in overloading the station's reactors, at the cost of Grace's life. Vice Admiral Whitcomb and Lieutenant Haverson were both killed when the station exploded, annihilating 486 ships of the Covenant fleet, leaving only around a dozen intact, delaying impending invasion of Earth.

Upon Blue Team's return to Earth John ordered Fred and Linda to report to ONI HQ where they should inform the UNSC Security Council about Operation: FIRST STRIKE's success and imminent invasion of Earth.

Battle of Earth[edit]

Main article: Battle of Earth
Fred and Linda directly before the Battle of Earth.

Shortly after John-117's disappearance after the Mombasa slipspace event, Blue Team was deployed to help defend Earth during the span of two weeks, while In Amber Clad was busy pursuing the Prophet of Regret. Blue Team conducted operations including numerous operations in orbit around Earth, stopping a Covenant invasion on Mount Erebus in Antarctica with a HAVOK tactical nuke, and stopping Covenant forces on the sea floor off of the Yucatan Peninsula. Following these ops, they were deployed to the Centennial Orbital Elevator in Havana, Cuba to stop Covenant forces that had gathered around the orbital elevator. They then stopped the Covenant forces, who had captured multiple nuclear warheads, before they could ascend the orbital elevator. The Spartans then ascended the orbital elevator themselves, and in the process destroyed one of the Covenant capital ships at the top of the elevator. The three Spartans then left the battle in another Covenant capital ship called the Bloodied Spirit under orders by Fleet Admiral Hood to aid Dr. Halsey on Onyx.


Main article: Operation: CIRRUS
Kelly and another member of Blue Team during the Battle of Onyx.

During this operation, Blue Team fought alongside with Team Saber against the Onyx Sentinels and the Sangheili fleet that had arrived. Upon landing on Onyx, they were reunited with Kelly-087, Dr. Halsey, Senior Chief Petty Officer Mendez, and Kurt-051 (who they thought had been dead for quite some time). However during the course of the battle Will, Kurt, and a number of SPARTAN-IIIs were killed by the Sentinels and Covenant forces. The rest of Blue Team, along with the remaining SPARTAN-IIIs, CPO Mendez, and Dr. Halsey entered Shield World 006, which lay in a slipspace rift at the core of Onyx. Upon retreating to safety inside the shield world the survivors erected gravestones for those lost in the Battle of Onyx.[28] After the ceremony, Lucy-B091, Tom-B292, Ash-G099, Olivia-G291 and Mark-G313 were reassigned to Blue Team by Fred and Kelly.

Blue Team then proceeded to explore the vast construct, soon establishing base camp in a Forerunner structure. A group of Huragok, discovered by Lucy-B091, eventually helped them bring the sphere out of its slipspace bubble into normal space, and an ONI team was dispatched to retrieve them. The few days the survivors had stayed inside the slipspace bubble turned out to equal over three months in normal space-time, and as such they returned to normal space in February 2553.[29] Blue Team was taken to Earth aboard the UNSC Port Stanley for a debriefing in HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6 in Sydney.[30]

On March 3, 2553 Blue Team attended the Voi Memorial ceremony tributed to the soldiers of the UNSC who gave their lives during the 28-year Human-Covenant War and marked the end of the war, with small section devoted to John-117 who, in accordance with ONI policy, was listed as missing in action.

Racing the ancilla[edit]

Mark-G313, Fred-104 and Veta Lopis fighting off the Keepers of the One Freedom in Wendosa.
Main article: Operation: JOVIAN WHISTLE

Although the Spartan-IIIs assigned to Blue Team were offered the chance to integrate into the SPARTAN-IV program and, by extension, the new Spartan Operations branch,[31] they continued to serve with Blue Team in the months after their recovery from the shield world. In May 2553,[32] Blue Team was deployed to escort a UNSC research battalion tasked with capturing a Forerunner ancilla on the planet Gao. Their search for the ancilla was complicated by a string of murders that began occurring in Gao's Montero Cave System after their arrival, prompting the Gao Ministry of Protection to send an investigative team headed by Special Inspector Veta Lopis to identify the killer on July 2, 2553. The situation soon escalated into a crisis after the Keepers of the One Freedom, a post-Covenant faction smuggled onto the planet by insurrectionist sympathizers within Gao's government, attacked the UNSC forces. For much of the fighting, Blue Team was split between a group comprised of Fred, Ash, Olivia, and Mark who accompanied Veta Lopis, and a splinter team comprised of Kelly, Linda, Tom, and Lucy who were on the surface at the time of the initial attack. After several days of skirmishes, the splinter teams regrouped while the Keepers were largely driven back. At this point, however, the newly-elected Gao president Arlo Casille sent Gao's planetary military against the UNSC. However, the Spartans managed to exfiltrate from the planet and recover the ancilla while destroying the Forerunner facility that used to house her.[33]

After the mission, the Gamma Company Spartan-IIIs within the team were reassigned to a top-secret ONI "Ferret" unit to prevent knowledge of their illegal enhancements from leaking to the public.[7] Lucy-B091 and Tom-B292 were assigned to the Spartan branch in August 2553, leaving Blue Team once again comprised of only Spartan-IIs.[34] In the coming years Fred, Kelly and Linda embarked on numerous confidential operations under ONI's direct oversight, eliminating hostile Covenant remnants across the fringes of human space.[35]

Operation: RETRIBUTION[edit]

Main article: Operation: RETRIBUTION

Operation: RETRIBUTION was an Office of Naval Intelligence operation undertaken by Blue Team and the Ferret team lead by Veta Lopis in December of 2553. The operation was conceived as a response to the murder of Vice Admiral Graselyn Tuwa and the kidnapping of three of her family members. The initial evidence pointed toward the Keepers of the One Freedom bearing the responsibility for the crime, but the Keepers had actually been framed by Dark Moon Enterprises, which itself was secretly being directed by the Forerunner ancilla, Intrepid Eye.

The Composer's Forge[edit]

Main article: Skirmish on Installation 03
John: "Admiral Hood asked that I act as an advisor for your mission."
Fred: "Just as an advisor? You told the old man you're coming with, didn't you... If you hadn't, I'd have ordered you to come along myself."
— Fred prompting the Chief to join[8]
Blue Team engages Promethean Knights on Installation 03.

By July 25, 2557, Blue Team was stationed at Earth. Shortly after the New Phoenix Incident and the loss of contact with a science team on Installation 03, the team was joined by John (who had been recovered a few days earlier on Requiem) in an "advisory" role due to his recent encounters with Promethean constructs. The team was deployed to Gamma Halo, whereupon arrival they found the bodies of Black Team and the scientists before being attacked by Promethean Knights. The Spartans soon discovered the Composer's Abyss, and a slipspace portal within.[8]

The portal took Blue Team to the Composer's Forge, where they encountered the Ur-Didact and numerous new Promethean constructs he had created from the residents of New Phoenix. In addition, the Forge's monitor, 859 Static Carillon, had Installation 03 transported above the Forge. Intending to use the Halo against Earth, the Didact took one of the Composers and headed back to the portal to Installation 03. Blue Team gave chase and engaged the Didact again atop the Composer's Abyss on the Halo's surface.[36] The Didact's armor soon adapted itself to the Spartans' weapons, but Static Carillon appeared and saved Blue Team by teleporting the Didact away into the installation's control room. While the rest of Blue Team returned to their Longsword, John entered the control center to confront the Promethean in person. The Master Chief disabled Gamma Halo's safeties, enabling Static Carillon to eject the segment of the ring housing the control room toward the planet housing the Composer's Forge. The monitor teleported John to Blue Team's Longsword just before the Halo fragment struck the Forge while the Didact was digitized by the several Composers firing on him at once.[37]

Later operations[edit]

"The war is over. At least that's what we're told... But those of us in the thick of it... We know better. At the fringes of our civilization, it's raging harder than ever. The violence and suffering continues. And there's noone around to stop it. That's why Blue Team is still active. Fred, Linda and myself - Kelly-087 - following Chief from mission to mission."
— Kelly reflects on the state of conflict in the galaxy.[38]

Following the Didact's second defeat, Blue Team returned to Earth. John was debriefed by Admiral Hood who ordered him and Blue Team to rest and recover from years of continuous combat. Instead, the Master Chief chose to embark on a new series of missions.[37] These operations included diplomatic escorts through hostile territory, counter-piracy efforts against salvagers, and strikes against Covenant outposts.[39] At some point in the following months, John and Blue Team returned to the glassed Reach to remember Sam's sacrifice.[40]

Blue Team during their visit to Reach's glasslands.

In early 2558, Blue Team was stationed at the construction site for a new ONI research facility, awaiting orders.[38] Suddenly the facility came under attack by fanatical ex-Covenant. The hostiles managed to capture an M510 Mammoth, disable its governor, and drive it down a steep hillside toward the site's main fusion reactor. Blue Team followed in pursuit in an M12 Chaingun Warthog. Spartans managed to board the Mammoth and wrest control of the hulking vehicle from its hijackers and steer it away from the reactor.[38] However, the near miss still resulted in the destruction of a decent amount of fabricated material that had been constructed. John, who had taken the Mammoth's controls, took all responsibility for the damage. After that Blue Team returned to a nearby airstrip, having received their next mission orders.[38]

Later this year, during a human-Sangheili peace summit on Biko, John-117 disrupted an assassination attempt by Sapien Sunrise. As a peace conference on Biko between the UEG and Sangheili representatives was coming to an end, John entered the embassy and instantly killed a member of Sapien Sunrise who was disguised as Richard Sekibo's bodyguard. A firefight began, in which a total of eighteen human lives were claimed. John fled the embassy alongside the Sangheili delegation, which he escorted to safety. Outside the embassy, the rest of Blue Team was waiting in an evac ship for John. Unfortunately, John was unable to save Sekibo, who was consequently killed.[41] His corpse was left behind in a field near the embassy on Biko. The next day, local officials discovered a signal beacon that led them to the body of Sekibo.[42] Unfortunately, the truth was covered up and John-117 was used as a scapegoat to hide the UEG's laxity towards preventing the attack.[43] Benjamin Giraud prepared to expose the cover up, and reveal the atrocities committed by the people behind the SPARTAN-II program, the UEG and Biko undercut him by radically reversing their claims, admitting and denouncing the involvement of Sapien Sunrise in the attack, utterly discrediting Giraud.[44]

Argent Moon[edit]

Blue Team preparing to fall out.
Main article: Raid on Argent Moon

On October 23, 2558, Blue Team were deployed from the UNSC Infinity on a mission to find and secure the abandoned ONI research vessel Argent Moon, now occupied by Jul 'Mdama's Covenant faction. During the mission, John experienced a vision from Cortana telling him that the Domain was open, that Meridian was next, and that the Reclamation was about to begin. Upon coming to, he told Blue Team what he had seen. Resolving to deal with it later, they continued onwards according to their original plan. Upon witnessing Covenant vessels exiting slipspace all around the Argent Moon, however, it was decided that the Argent Moon must be destroyed. Fighting their way through the ship, Blue Team eventually managed to overload Argent Moon's fusion reactor. With their arrival Pelican seemingly destroyed and no other means of escaping Argent Moon on time, Blue Team discovered a Winter-class prowler, ONI Acrisius, in the hangar. With the hangar cleared and the Acrisius ready, John-117 radioed Infinity and informed them that he and Blue Team would be heading to Meridian. However, Infinity was mysteriously already aware of Cortana's return and ordered Blue Team back to them while another Spartan team was sent to deal with her. Rejecting their orders, Blue Team chose to evacuate aboard the Acrisius and set course to Meridian, leaving the Argent Moon as it exploded.[45]

Absent without leave[edit]

Main article: Battle of Meridian (2558)
Olympia Vale: "I understand the Master Chief disobeying orders to find Cortana. But why the rest of Blue Team? They didn't know her."
Jameson Locke: "The members of Blue Team grew up together in the Spartan II program. They've registered more operations than any other fireteam in the UNSC."
Edward Buck: "They're family."
— Members of Fireteam Osiris about Blue Team's actions[46]
Blue Team in the Guardian's shelter.

The very next day, the UNSC declared members of Blue Team AWOL. Fireteam Osiris, a Spartan-IV unit led by Spartan Jameson Locke, was tasked with recovering Blue Team and the Acrisius. Upon arriving at Meridian, Blue Team landed at Apogee Station and proceeded make their way downwards to where the dormant Guardian lay buried. Their arrival on-planet was witnessed by multiple colonists, who were wholly unaware of their intentions. Also unbeknownst to the people of Meridian was the fact that their own Governor Sloan purposefully ensured nobody tried to stop them, as he was already serving Cortana at that point.[47] Blue Team encountered no resistance from the Warden Eternal or any mechanical Prometheans. Fireteam Osiris caught up to Blue Team as they were entering the Guardian. Kelly, Fred, and Linda proceeded to enter the Guardian while John lingered and had an altercation with Locke. Once John had dealt with him and resumed boarding, the Guardian began to awaken. Fireteam Osiris scrambled to escape the collapsing chamber it had been held in as it rose out of the ground. The Guardian caused massive amounts of destruction as it took to the air, both from the very fact that it was emerging from beneath the earth and from electromagnetic shockwaves it sent out continually. During this time, many mechanical Promethean forces were deployed from the Guardian to engage Fireteam Osiris as they tried to escape the destruction in their Pelican. The Guardian jumped to slipspace on a course for Genesis, taking Blue Team with it.[48]

Genesis and revelation[edit]

Blue Team confronting Cortana.
Main article: Battle of Genesis
Kelly: "Chief? What are you going to do?"
Linda: "We're with you."
Fred: "All the way to the end, brother."
— Members of Blue Team supporting the Chief[49]

Upon landing on Genesis, Blue Team came across a series of computer consoles sounding musical tunes of Oly Oly Oxen Free. Following the path unlocked by interacting with those consoles, Blue Team battled through stranded Covenant forces before meeting the Warden Eternal. Shortly after learning of the Warden Eternal's role as Cortana's defender, John demanded to meet her, only for the Warden Eternal to refuse and commence hostilities. Shortly after Blue Team's defeat of the Warden Eternal in battle, Cortana finally revealed herself to them, expressing relief that they made it to Genesis. Upon questioning Cortana on the circumstances of her survival, they learned that the Domain had saved her; Cortana referred to it as the "fountain of youth" for AIs. Suspicious of Cortana's desire to reunite with them, Blue Team proceeded further into the planet in order to physically locate her.[50] Shortly afterward, Fireteam Osiris caught up with Blue Team. Before the two Spartan teams could team up, Cortana separated them. Blue Team fought an uphill battle through Promethean forces and multiple bodies of the Warden Eternal before physically meeting Cortana. There she revealed to them her plan to use the Guardians as a means of enforcing a forced peace upon the galaxy. Rejecting Cortana's plan, John pleaded her to stand down and return to Earth with the team. Cortana refused and sealed Blue Team in a Cryptum, intending to keep them in stasis for 10,000 years.[49] With the aid of 031 Exuberant Witness, the monitor of Genesis installation, Fireteam Osiris narrowly managed to free Blue Team from the Cryptum just as Cortana retreated into Slipspace. Following Cortana’s departure, both Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris together fought their way through hordes of Promethean constructs to reach a D79-TC Pelican that had previously arrived on the planet via a Guardian’s Slipspace entry. Based on Osiris' recommendation, they agreed to return to Sanghelios; the joint team requested Witness’ help, who opened a Slipspace portal for them.[47][51]

Upon their arrival at Sanghelios, now mostly in the dark due to the Guardian attack at Sunaion, they correctly deduced they’d find their allies near the region of Nuusra. Sure enough, they located the Swords of Sangheliosmakeshift campsite in the cliffs and touched down, reuniting with Halsey, the Arbiter, and Palmer. After doing so, the two spartan teams returned to the UNSC Infinity for debriefing.[47][51]

Return to the fold[edit]

Main articles: Operation: WOLFE and Battle of New Mohács
Blue Team on an occupied Reach.
Palmer: "It seems Blue Team's mission is more important than I realized. Maybe it's time to read me in."
Halsey: "You don't want to know."
Lasky: "You don't. You really don't. I only suspect what they are trying to recover, and I wish I didn't."
Infinity's command on stakes in ongoing conflict[52]

In 2559, Blue Team was sent to infiltrate the ruined CASTLE Base on occupied Reach.[53]

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Production notes[edit]

Blue Team is featured in Halo 5: Guardians for the first time in a Halo game. They accompany John-117 throughout the campaign and accept commands from the player. Fred, Kelly, and Linda are also playable in cooperative play, each with their own individual loadout and HUD.[54]


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