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Fireteam Majestic
Majestic Emblem.png


Active as of 2558


United Nations Space Command




Five operators


Requiem Campaign
Ambush at Oth Lodon
Mission to Ven III
Battle of Aktis IV


Paul DeMarco (team leader; formerly)[1]
Gabriel Thorne (team leader)

"Here we go, Majestic!"
Paul DeMarco to his team just before entering one of Requiem's corridors[2]

Fireteam Majestic is a team of SPARTAN-IV supersoldiers of the Spartan branch. Majestic, consisting of five members, was assigned to the UNSC Infinity in early 2558 and was stationed at the Forerunner shield world Requiem during the Requiem Campaign.[3]


Fireteam Majestic in early 2558

Fireteam Majestic was originally led by Paul DeMarco. Sometime before the Battle of Ealen IV, he was transferred to Fireteam Bailey, with Gabriel Thorne put in command of Majestic. Later Spartan Naiya Ray joined Majestic after the other members of her own fireteam were killed during the events on Ealen IV.

Current composition (July 2558)
Former members


Requiem Campaign[edit]

Madsen and Grant in combat against Prometheans.

Sometime before February 2558, Fireteam Majestic, minus Gabriel Thorne, were deployed to Rio de Janeiro where they prevented a Sangheili terrorist attack on the city.[2]

On February 7, upon Infinity's arrival at Requiem, Commander Sarah Palmer assigned the squad to Operations LAND GRAB and ALL-SEEING EYE, both geared toward securing locations for research bases.[4] Two days later, Fireteams Crimson and Majestic were sent north of the UNSC's area of operations on Requiem in order to shut down Forerunner power generators as part of Operation: CHATTERBOX.[4] Upon reaching their location, both Crimson and Majestic had their long-range communications jammed by Forerunner jamming devices. After deactivating the jammers, their mission continued. Initiated by Palmer, the mission became a competition for the fireteams to see who could complete their mission objectives first. Majestic took the lead at first, but were ultimately bested by Crimson.[2]

On February 10, Majestic and Crimson were deployed by Commander Palmer to assault a Covenant outpost and recover a Forerunner artifact as part of an operation codenamed ACADEMIC. The next day, Majestic partook in Operation: THREE-CARD MONTE: with support by Tower, Castle and Domino Teams, they were tasked with a search-and-destroy mission against Covenant outposts at locations REQ-822-A, REQ-822-B, REQ-822-C, and REQ-822-D.[4]

Majestic recovering the "Didact's Gift" from Galileo Base.

During a ground engagement on Requiem, Fireteam Majestic was being engaged by multiple Promethean Crawlers. Madsen started to complain about their ability to "pop up" anywhere, when a Promethean Knight teleported into the area. Thorne tried to warn Madsen, but he was shot in the shoulder, as more Knights entered the area. Hoya suddenly broke cover and charged at the Knights. While DeMarco yelled for him to get back into cover, he killed several before one managed to injure him. Nevertheless, Majestic managed to defeat the Knights and return back to the Infinity. Commander Palmer met them in the hangar to see how they had done.[5]

Madsen and DeMarco were later assigned to guard Catherine Halsey along with Commander Sarah Palmer upon her return to the Infinity. Later, Thorne volunteered to guard her during her research.[6] During the UNSC's pursuit of Jul 'Mdama, Fireteams Crimson and Majestic were sent to two possible locations to search for him. Majestic engaged a large Covenant force and managed to corner them before the survivors mysteriously disappeared. Grant would soon figure out that they used Slipspace translocation to escape, which allowed Crimson to find a way to pursue 'Mdama.[7]

Fireteam Majestic, with Thorne in the foreground.

Sometime during the operation in recovering the "Didact's Gift" from Galileo Base, Majestic was pinned down due to Covenant air support. With the base's anti-air defenses offline, Thorne quickly hijacked a low-flying Banshee and subsequently destroyed a nearby Phantom, allowing the Fireteam to complete their objective. Back aboard the Infinity, Thorne and DeMarco provided security for the artifact as Dr. Halsey and Roland examined it. The device released an energy burst shortly after revealing itself, and began to display images on the room's monitors; these were then identified as human memories harvested by the Composer during the Didact's attack on New Phoenix, URNA six months prior. Thorne left the room straight after discovering the Forerunner artifact Crimson had recovered on one of the monitors. Curious as to how the device had images of New Phoenix, Thorne investigated the Requiem artifact himself. After coming into physical contact with it, he activated it, and was sent to Requiem.[8] He was transported to a Covenant-held base, where several Sangheili warriors surrounded him. After a short fight, Thorne managed to kill a few before being knocked unconscious. He was then dragged away to be held as prisoner.

Thorne later regained consciousness and escaped his captors with Henry Glassman—who had escaped prior to his arrival. They both fled the area in a hurry after killing their initial pursuers. Gek 'Lhar, however, quickly picked up their trail and pursued them himself. Some time later, Gek ambushed the pair as they were resting. After a brief skirmish, Gek garnered the upper-hand from Thorne, who he was about to kill, until the rest of Fireteam Majestic arrived. He was shot dead by DeMarco, saving Thorne's life. Thorne searched the dead Elite for anything significant, giving DeMarco the energy sword as gratitude for saving his life. DeMarco also collected Gek's personal collection of UNSC dog tags, commenting that some of them belonged to Spartans. Thorne took Gek's active camouflage module for himself, which prompted Madsen to find anything valuable for himself. He picked up a small device and activated it, revealing a map of Requiem, much to his displeasure.[9]

Majestic deactivating the third Forerunner artifact.

Later, they were attacked by Covenant forces. DeMarco radioed in for reinforcements and Fireteam Crimson was sent to aid them.[9] After Crimson destroyed the Covenant artillery, Palmer told them they owed Crimson a round when they got back.[10] When the Pelican arrived for evac, they were met by a life-size hologram of Captain Thomas Lasky, he asked them to rescue Dr. Halsey from Jul 'Mdama. When they arrived at Halsey's location Thorne turned on his active camo and snuck around the Elite guards. When they noticed him, he de-cloaked and signaled the rest of Majestic to attack, DeMarco charged in with his energy sword, while Hoya, Grant, and Madsen attacked from above. DeMarco told Thorne to go inside and rescue Dr. Halsey while they handled the guards. Thorne arrived shortly after Dr. Halsey exited the "shrine", while cloaked he killed one of Jul's guards and deactivated the camo, quickly killing another of Jul's guards. Dr. Halsey threw Thorne half of the Janus Key, as he looked at it a third Elite ran up behind Thorne but was killed by Sarah Palmer, who had arrived to kill Dr. Halsey. 'Mdama then yelled for his Promethean Knights and several translocated into the area. The rest of Majestic showed up just as they arrived and engaged them. Jul was forced to retreat into a corner with Halsey, however just as Thorne and Palmer closed in on him another Knight translocated in behind 'Mdama, grabbed him, and teleported out of the area. Palmer asked why Majestic was there and they told her they were ordered to rescue her.[11]

Sometime later, along with Commander Palmer, they were ordered to deactivate one of the two translocation artifacts still on Requiem, while Crimson deactivated the other. Before they left they witnessed the departure of the Covenant fleet. When Requiem began to move towards the local star Palmer hurried them toward the artifact.[12] Shortly after Crimson deactivated their artifact, Majestic eliminated the last of the Elites defending the last artifact and deactivated it. They evacuated and arrived aboard Infinity at the same time as Crimson, allowing Infinity to escape just in time.[13]

Battle of Ealen IV[edit]

Main article: Battle of Ealen IV

Sometime after the Requiem Campaign, DeMarco was transferred to Fireteam Bailey by Palmer so Thorne could be put in command of Majestic.[14] On March 5, 2558, Paul DeMarco along with the rest of Fireteam Bailey accompanied Fireteam Jackknife as the security detail of Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood and Arbiter Thel 'Vadam on a diplomatic mission to Ealen IV. The rest of Majestic were not present during the mission.[15] At the battle's climax, DeMarco was forced to stay behind in order to secure the lives of Lord Hood, the Arbiter, and Lydus. He and the rest of Fireteam Bailey's sacrifices would be commemorated at a memorial service aboard Infinity.[16]

Poker Night[edit]

On March 11, six days after DeMarco's death, Majestic, sans Thorne, and Roland were in the middle of a poker game night. Thorne walked in to discover that the rest of the team had made wagers on DeMarco's keepsake, the looted energy sword recovered from Gek 'Lhar during the Requiem Campaign. Days ago, Grant had won DeMarco's sword in a card game against Spartan Jones of Fireteam Bailey, only to suddenly lose it to Hoya. Thorne expressed that the weapon was a tribute to DeMarco for having saved his life, and requested to join in and take a shot at playing for it. Hola yielded to his request when the rest of team agreed they all deserved an equal chance. After being rebuked for almost sitting down in DeMarco's seat, Thorne pulled up a chair and joined the others around the table. When Roland began to start a new game of Hold 'em poker, Thorne stopped him and replaced the virtual holotank cards with his own inherited deck of physical playing cards. As Hoya delt the deck and revealed the community cards, Roland suddenly alerted the team to an emergency distress call. Before the Spartans left their interrupted game, Thorne unveiled his winning hand, a quad of kings, and claimed the sword of his fallen friend. As the Spartans geared up for deployment, Hoya asked how Thorne found out about their game, at which point Madsen revealed he invited their fellow comrade and leader.

Freighter ambush[edit]

Fireteams Majestic, Colossus, and Fenrir boarding the Pilgrims' Pride.

The distress call, it turned out, originated in the Artesia-702 system and was coming from the damaged freighter Pilgrims' Pride. Majestic was permitted to return to being at ease, since it was judged to be of no immediate danger. However, upon arriving at the freighter's location, a trap was sprung for the Infinity. Fireteams Majestic, Colossus, and Fenrir were soon deployed to repel the attack and prevent the freighter from self-destructing on the Infinity. Leading the fireteams, Thorne ordered teams Colossus and Fenrir to secure the ship while Majestic made their way to the core. As the Spartans advanced through the freighter, they encountered automated defense turrets. With the enemy going into retreat, the freighter was tugged out into space, where Grant ejected the ship's core before it exploded. The Spartans survived the detonation and requested pickup.[14]

Search for the Spirit of Fire[edit]

Main article: Ambush at Oth Lodon

Following the attack, Infinity learned that the assault crafts from the freighter belonged to the long-lost UNSC Spirit of Fire. Roland discovered that the freighter was launched near Oth Lodon, a gas giant located deep in Jiralhanae space. With the Spirit's possible location found, Lord Hood authorized Commander Palmer to conduct a search and rescue mission. Equipped with OF92 Booster Frames, Fireteam Majestic and Palmer scouted the planet's system. Exploring the system's asteroid field, the Spartans came across not the Spirit of Fire but instead a Covenant station under control by New Colonial Alliance insurgents.[17] When the UNSC defector, Captain Daniel Clayton, fired on Infinity, the Spartans quickly boarded the station and secured the bridge. Madsen knocked Clayton out and the Spartans utilized the station's cannon to destroy Vata 'Gajat's flagship just as it was preparing to attack Infinity.[18]

Mission to Ven III[edit]

Main article: Operation: WHISTLE STOP
Majestic is briefed about the mission.

Sometime after the Ambush at Oth Lodon Spartan Naiya Ray was transferred to Fireteam Majestic.[19] On May 9, 2558, Ray and Thorne were assigned, separately from the rest of Majestic, on a secret mission to capture a Sangheili in possession of a mysterious bioweapon on Ven III. After communications with both Spartans were lost,[20] Captain Lasky ordered Infinity to head toward Ven III while Fireteam Majestic was deployed on the planet, with Commander Palmer assuming tactical command in the absence of Thorne. Upon arriving at the pirates' base, Majestic and Palmer took out several Kig-Yar pirates. After receiving notification of Thorne's location by Ray, Palmer was going to redirect Majestic to Ray to help her retrieve the bioweapon but Ray shut off her locater to force them to rescue Thorne instead. Majestic eventually found Thorne and returned him to the Infinity.[19]

Janus Key conflict[edit]

Main articles: Battle of Oban and Battle of Aktis IV

On July 16, 2558, Commander Palmer and Thorne were deployed on the colony of Oban against Jul 'Mdama's forces. Desperate to find Jul, Palmer and Thorne drove a Warthog and engaged Promethean forces. Palmer recklessly drove the Warthog off of a cliff, landed on a Phantom dropship, and crashed to the ground. Thorne was injured in the process and the Spartans were only saved after the Phantoms were destroyed by a GA-TL1 Longsword called in by Spartan Joel Thomas. After a short engagement, the Covenant forces withdrew from the system.[21]

Majestic and Palmer attack Jul's forces.

On July 18, upon attempting to make a slipspace jump out of the Oban system, Infinity's engines ceased functioning properly and the ship became stranded in space.[21] Palmer assumed tactical command of a ground team consisting of Fireteam Majestic and several other Spartans for a mission to investigate a potential source of interference emanating from the surface of a nearby planet, provisionally designated Aktis IV. Upon landing on an island on the planet, Commander Palmer and Majestic engaged and defeated a detachment of Covenant forces and subsequently discovered a recently-excavated Forerunner structure. The Spartans provided cover for Dr. Glassman as he arrived on Aktis IV to examine the structure. At Glassman's request, the UNSC brought their half of the Janus Key to the planet, but the artifact was stolen by the Covenant rebel Sali 'Nyon. A massive Covenant ambush was subsequently triggered and the Spartans were forced to fall back inside the Forerunner structure.[22]

The Spartans and Glassman remained under attack by Covenant forces inside the structure for over seven hours and were unable to establish contact with Infinity. While they retreated inside the facility, Hoya was left behind outside. Fending off Covenant and Promethean forces in the jungle, Hoya spotted Dr. Halsey aboard a Phantom. He contacted Ray about his discovery, who, in turn, informed Palmer. Glassman managed to get the structure's teleportation grid operational before the Covenant breached the structure. At Palmer's request, Glassman opened portals to both the jungle and the other end of the island. Palmer, intending to hunt down Halsey, took the former portal with Ray and Thorne, while ordering Grant, Glassman and the rest of the Spartans to take the latter. Grant's team arrived in the midst of a skirmish between the Covenant and two Mantises Infinity had deployed as reinforcements and were nearly killed by friendly fire.[23]

After traveling through the portal to the jungle, Palmer, Ray and Thorne spotted a Sangheili defector who offered Sali 'Nyon's half of the Janus Key to Jul 'Mdama.[23] At Palmer's orders, the trio waited until Halsey arrived to claim the artifact and ambushed the doctor and her escort once 'Mdama rerouted most of the convoy elsewhere. With Halsey escaping into the jungle, Palmer left Ray and Thorne to fend off the Covenant and pursued the doctor. Palmer captured Halsey but the latter managed to escape while Palmer was incapacitated. With the battle concluded in 'Mdama's victory, the Spartans of Fireteam Majestic returned to Infinity.[24]


Production notes[edit]

Fireteam Majestic are the protagonists of Halo: Infinity, the computer-generated cinematics that accompany each Spartan Ops episode. In gameplay, players fill the roles of Fireteam Crimson.[3]


The members of Majestic each bear the team's emblem on their left shoulder in the same place as a player's multiplayer emblem. Majestic's emblem is a gold version of the "Kingslayer" used in Halo 4 Infinity.


List of appearances[edit]


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