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Operation: LAND GRAB
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February 7, 2558[1]




UNSC victory


United Nations Space Command

Jul 'Mdama's Covenant


Operation: LAND GRAB[1] was an operation conducted by the forces of the UNSC Infinity in Februrary of 2558 as part of the opening stages of the Requiem Campaign, marking the return of UNSC forces to Requiem for the first time since the New Phoenix Incident six months prior.


First encounters on Requiem[edit]

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In July 2557, the remains of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn, carrying the Master Chief and Cortana arrived in orbit of Requiem through unknown means. Following the distress signal sent out by Cortana, a task force led by the UNSC Infinity followed the Dawn to the planet, and subsequently engaged the forces of Jul 'Mdama's Covenant and the Promethean forces of the Ur-Didact there. The Infinity departed the planet in short order under the orders of then-Captain Andrew Del Rio, intending to warn UNSC forces on Earth of the threat. Del Rio was subsequently removed of command and replaced with XO Thomas Lasky, who proceeded to lead the defense of Earth in the Didact's attack.

UNSC return[edit]

With Requiem left unoccupied, Jul 'Mdama's Covenant forces were able to use the intervening time to set up their operations on the shield world, digging in to use the planet as a base of operations, now-bolstered by their Promethean reinforcements. Six months following the New Phoenix Incident, the Infinity returned alongside its escort fleet, Expeditionary Strike Group 1, to begin the task of clearing out Covenant forces from Requiem and establishing a human presence on the world. The fleet exited slipspace over Requiem on February 7, destroying an Maugen-pattern armored cruiser upon arrival, and began to mass-deploy Air Force, Army, Marine, Naval and SPARTAN-IV units onto Requiem to seize land from the Covenant occupiers.[2]

The battle[edit]

Regular UNSC forces deployed onto Requiem first, with Spartan fireteams reinforcing soon after. Fireteams Castle, Majestic, Domino, Ivy, and Crimson were part of this Spartan wave, and were commanded by Jared Miller.[2] Fireteam Domino, including Holly Tanaka, deployed against Covenant positions inside a Forerunner facility.[3]

Majestic's mission[edit]

Spartan Fireteam Majestic were assigned to Requiem location REQ-931-B, with the mission of aiding Marine forces in eliminating all local Covenant cultists in preparation for science teams to begin establishing a research base at the site. Majestic were assigned a briefing half an hour before deployment, expecting to fight Covenant forces and have support from UNSC Marines and some UNSC vehicles.[1]

Crimson's mission[edit]

Like Majestic, Fireteam Crimson were deployed on a similar mission to the site known as "Quarry", dropping behind enemy lines to assist Marine forces. The fireteam were tasked with destroying Covenant power cores, and were given the option of using UNSC vehicles including Rocket and Gauss-equipped M12B Warthogs, or captured Covenant Zurdo-pattern Wraiths and Karo'etba-pattern Ghosts. The fireteam destroyed the Covenant power cores, eliminating a Wraith and several waves of infantry before the Covenant deployed drop pods of troops. Crimson finished off these last reinforcement waves before returning to Infinity.[2]


The operation was a success for the UNSC, allowing the humans to quickly ascertain a foothold on Requiem for future campaign efforts. The "Quarry" site, taken by Crimson, was later re-taken by Covenant forces led by Parg Vol.[4]

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