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Escape from Lockup


Post-Covenant War conflicts


February 2558


"Lockup", Requiem, Epoloch system


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Roland: "Spartan Miller, I found them."
Jared Miller: "Dalton, we found them! Distract the bad guys for a second."
Robert Dalton: "You got it! Firing solution resolved. Incoming!"
— Roland, Miller and Dalton help Crimson escape.[1]

After being captured during the Requiem Campaign, members of Fireteam Crimson and Icebreaker squad staged an escape from the Covenant holding facility at "Lockup."


After Fireteam Crimson succeeded in defending Magma Base in "the Cauldron" from Covenant forces, Roland detected Spartan Gabriel Thorne's IFF transponder nearby. However, while Crimson found the transponder, Thorne was already gone though there was signs of battle. Roland was able to determine which way Thorne had been taken and Spartan Jared Miller ordered Crimson to follow Roland's directions and chase after Thorne.[2]

Roland and Crimson were able to follow Thorne's signal to the "Quarry" which was occupied by heavy Covenant forces. Searching the "Quarry," Crimson discovered that Thorne's signal had disappeared without a trace and fought off a heavy Covenant attack. As the Spartans were about to be extracted by Pelican 653, they were ambushed by heavy Covenant forces, including a Zanar-pattern light cruiser and captured.[3] Rather than killing Crimson, the Covenant instead transported them to their holding facility at "Lockup."[1]


Initial escape[edit]

As Fireteam Crimson regained consciousness at "Lockup," Roland finally discovered their location and contacted Spartan Jared Miller. Miller quickly ordered Robert Dalton to distract the Covenant forces and Dalton launched a diversionary bombardment. The bombardment knocked out power to Crimson's shackles, allowing them to break loose and kill their guards. Using the guard's weapons, Crimson battled the Covenant in the area as Miller, Roland and Dalton attempted to come up with a plan for their escape to safety. A Phantom dropped off reinforcements, but Crimson managed to kill all of the Covenant forces.

Once the area was clear, Roland discovered a heavily-shielded potential evacuation zone. Crimson was able to deactivate the shield as Miller ordered Dalton to send Crimson a ride. Crimson fought off more Covenant troops and made their way to the evac zone as Dalton warned that it was taking longer than expected as Crimson was too deep behind enemy lines. Miller promised to find Crimson a solution as they reached the evac zone which had a Zanar-pattern light cruiser hovering overhead.

With the area under Covenant control, Crimson set to work clearing it out, including reinforcements dropped by heavy orbital insertion pods and Phantoms. After the Covenant were cleared out, Miller detected several Covenant aircraft parked nearby and suggested Crimson try stealing one to escape rather than waiting for a ride from the UNSC Infinity. Crimson fought their way through a nearby passageway to the Phantom landing pad, but the Phantom took off before the Spartans could reach and hijack it.[1]

Rescuing Icebreaker squad[edit]

Roland suddenly detected the IFF tags of Icebreaker squad which had been declared missing in action. Miller ordered Crimson to dodge the Covenant forces and rescue Icebreaker. Entering a nearby holding area, Crimson discovered Icebreaker trapped behind a Covenant shield wall and defended by several Sangheili aided by Promethean Crawlers which translocated in. Crimson was able to eliminate the Covenant and Promethean forces and lower the shield containing Icebreaker.[1]

Stealing a Phantom[edit]

As the Marines armed themselves with Covenant weapons, reinforcements arrived from Phantoms. Roland announced that there was a Phantom nearby that could suit Crimson's needs if they could find a way to override its security systems. Overhearing this, Lieutenant TJ Murphy stated that he could hijack a Phantom for them if Crimson gave him cover for long enough. Miller ordered Crimson to cover Miller so that he could hijack the Covenant ship.

As Miller utilized a Covenant console in the landing area to hack one of the Phantoms, Crimson and Icebreaker worked together to defend him against heavy reinforcements, including two Phantoms. As Miller hacked one of the dropships, it stopped firing, leaving Crimson and Icebreaker to avoid fire from the other Phantom while fighting off the Covenant. Crimson eventually succeeded in clearing out the Covenant ground troops, causing the remaining Phantom to retreat while Miller gained control over the dropship that he had hacked. With a way to finally leave "Lockup," Miller and Crimson boarded the Phantom and escaped the Covenant base.[Note 1][1]


After Fireteam Crimson and Lieutenant TJ Murphy's escape from "Lockup," the Covenant remained unaware of their theft of the Phantom. As a result, Murphy and Crimson were able to use the stolen Covenant dropship to embark upon a series of covert operations behind enemy lines[4] before the invasion of the UNSC Infinity caused them to be recalled.[5]

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  1. ^ While its possible for the player to save at least some of Icebreaker squad in-game, they do not appear nor are they mentioned after escaping from "Lockup" leaving their canon fates unclear. As a result, all of Icebreaker but Murphy may have canonically died in this conflict.


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