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Escape Plan
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"Lockup," Requiem


Steal a Phantom and escape.


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All contact has been lost with Fireteam Crimson. Last seen facing insurmountable odds, they were either killed or captured. Infinity will continue attempting to establish their status.

Escape Plan is the first chapter of Spartan Ops' sixth episode, Scattered.[1]


Fireteam Crimson is held captive by the Covenant at "Lockup" following their capture. Miller and Dalton locate them and distract the Covenant, allowing the team to break free. However, Dalton is unable to extract Crimson since they are too deep behind enemy lines. Crimson instead looks for a ship to hijack. During the search, they discover a squad of UNSC Marines being held captive. They free the marines, and the squad leader, Lieutenant TJ Murphy, offers to help hijack a Covenant ship. Crimson and the marines provide cover fire for Murphy, while he remotely seizes control of a Phantom. The humans then use the captured Phantom to escape.



Fireteam Crimson regains consciousness inside a Forerunner structure. They are weaponless and bound by energy chains to a wall. Sangheili guards mill about.

Crimson receives an incoming transmission:

  • Roland (COM): "Spartan Miller, I found them."
  • Jared Miller (COM): "Dalton, we found them! Distract the bad guys for a second."
  • Robert Dalton (COM): "You got it! Firing solution resolved. Incoming!"

An explosion in the background causes the guards to turn their backs. At the same time, the energy chains lose power and Fireteam Crimson is released. They attack the guards from behind, kill them, and grab their weapons.


  • Miller (COM): "Crimson! Glad to have you back. Roland, we got any intel on this place?"
  • Roland (COM): "Not much... no."
  • Miller (COM): "Keep up the fight, Crimson! We'll have a plan for you shortly."

Crimson engage the other Covenant guards.

  • Miller (COM): "Uh oh! Phantom inbound!"

A Covenant Phantom arrives and drops off enemy reinforcements.

  • Miller (COM): "Phantom!"

Once most hostiles have been eliminated:

  • Miller (COM): "Area's not secure yet. Marking your last few targets."


  • Miller (COM): "Still a few stragglers. Marking them for you."

After all hostiles are down:

  • Roland (COM): "Spartan Miller, there's a potential evac zone, but it's heavily shielded."
  • Miller (COM): "Heavily shielded isn't exactly an evac zone."
  • Roland (COM): "I did say potential evac zone."
  • Miller (COM): "Marking the shield controls for you. Take 'em down!"

Crimson takes out the shield controls.

  • Roland (COM): "Success! Shield down!"
  • Miller (COM): "Dalton! Crimson needs a ride!"
  • Dalton (COM): "Can do!"
  • Miller (COM): "Pack your bags and be ready to fly, Crimson."

More Covenant troops appear.

  • Dalton (COM): "Miller, this is taking a little longer than expected. Crimson's too deep behind Covenant lines."
  • Miller (COM): "Crimson, hold on! We'll find you something."

Crimson heads to the evac zone. A Covenant Zanar-pattern light cruiser holds position directly above.

  • Dalton (COM): "Phantom inbound on Crimson's position!"

More Covenant arrive.

  • Miller (COM): "Heads up! Drop pods incoming!"

After the area is almost clear:

  • Miller (COM): "Just a few Covenant remaining. Marking them for you."


  • Miller (COM): "Still a few Covenant in your area. Marking them for you now."

Once the area is secure.

  • Miller (COM): "Crimson, there's several Covenant aircraft docked in this area. Go see if anybody left the keys in the ignition."
  • Roland (COM): "We're gonna steal a spaceship? I like this idea!"

Crimson heads through a door and fight their way to the objective. However, the Phantom they intend to hijack takes off before they can reach it.

  • Dalton (COM): "Miller! Phantoms in the sky near Crimson's position!"
  • Miller (COM): "Acknowledged, Dalton."
  • Miller (COM): "Icebreaker? They're listed MIA. Crimson, dodge the Phantoms and investigate. If there's people down there, it's on you to bring them out!"

Crimson reaches a marked door.

  • Miller (COM): "Lots of activity nearby. Be ready for anything, Crimson."

Crimson enters through the door. Sangheili and Promethean Crawlers are waiting for them on the other side.

  • Miller (COM): "Crawlers!"

Crimson engages the enemy. After clearing out the chamber, Crimson discovers a small group of marines trapped behind a shield wall.

  • Roland (COM): "Spartan Miller, I found them!"
  • Lieutenant TJ Murphy: "Spartans? Oh man! Fantastic!"
  • Miller (COM): "They're trapped behind a shield wall. Roland!"
  • Roland (COM): "Working on it!"
  • Roland (COM): "Manual release right over there."
  • Miller (COM): "Do it, Crimson!"

Crimson deactivates the shield wall, freeing the marines trapped inside.

  • Roland (COM): "Shield down!"
  • Murphy: "Hell yes! I thought we were dead. Lieutenant TJ Murphy at your service. Get some weapons, marines! Time for payback!"

Phantoms approach.

  • Miller (COM): "Crimson, watch out!"
  • Roland (COM): "Spartan Miller, I think your plan's gonna work. There's a Phantom nearby that should suit Crimson's needs if they can find a way to override its security systems."
  • Murphy: "Hell, Infinity. Hotwiring a Covenant spaceboat isn't exactly difficult. If Crimson gives me some cover, I'll get us airborne."
  • Miller (COM): "Crimson, buy Lieutenant Murphy the time he needs."

Crimson and the marines defend Murphy from the Covenant attackers while he works on the override controls. An incoming Phantom opens fire, but suddenly ceases its attack as Murphy begins remotely hacking it. Rampant energy bolts surge across its hull and it drifts aimlessly. Murphy soon has the Phantom under his control.

  • Miller (COM): "Just a few Covies left. I'll get markers on them."

Crimson finishes off the last Covenant.

  • Miller (COM): "Good to have you in one piece, Crimson. See you when you get home."
  • Murphy: "Phantom's free and ready to fly."

Murphy and Crimson board the hijacked Phantom.


Level ends


  • In this level, the players are not given a weapons loadout of their choice. Instead, they start with a Mosa-pattern carbine and plasma pistol due to Fireteam Crimson being escaped prisoners that grab their guards' weapons.
  • Its possible to escape with more of Icebreaker squad than just Murphy. However, their survival and whereabouts is not further acknowledged after this level.