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The UNSC Infinity must fend off an attack by Forerunner Prometheans.


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Invasion is the seventh episode of Spartan Ops. It was released on January 28, 2013.[1] In this episode, Captain Lasky confronts Dr. Halsey for her actions, the Infinity is invaded by Promethean Knights, and Sangheili terrorist Jul 'Mdama gets closer to unlocking the secrets of the Librarian.


# Name Location Description
1 Backup Apex "All fireteams are recalled to UNSC Infinity to repel Covenant invasion."
2 Home Field Onboard UNSC Infinity "Infinity hangar bay is overrun by with Covenant forces. Fireteam Crimson routed to eliminate hostile force."
3 Engine of Destruction Onboard UNSC Infinity "Havok nukes have been detected near Infinity engine rooms."
4 The Guns of Infinity Onboard UNSC Infinity "Covenant forces en route to retake Infinity engine room. Spartans are to defend against further incursion."
5 Victory Lap Onboard UNSC Infinity "Covenant threat has been neutralized, but scattered hostiles remain onboard Infinity. Fireteam Crimson are volunteered for cleanup duty."

Opening cinematic[edit]

Fade in to Catherine Halsey, sitting in her cell aboard Infinity. Roland appears before her.

  • Roland: "Can I ask you a question, doc? What were you hoping to achieve with your little subterfuge? I mean, Captain Lasky put a lot of faith in you."
  • Halsey: "Yes, his hospitality speaks wonders."
  • Roland: "C'mon on, doc. What has keeping secrets ever really gained you?"
  • Halsey: "What is hidden can be useful."
  • Roland: "Such as?"
  • Halsey: "Such as the phrase 'undid-iridium'."
  • Roland: "Un-un-did-did-un-did-did-undid-un-did-"

Roland's hologram rapidly flickers, then settles. The AI looks up at Halsey with an expression of blank obedience.

  • Roland: "UNSC A.I. overide instructions active, Doctor Catherine Halsey."
  • Halsey: "Roland, tell the guards outside that Captain Lasky has requested my presence in his ready room and block all further communications."
  • Roland: "Yes."

Two Marines open the cell door, and gesture for Halsey to exit.

  • Marine: "Captain asked to see you, doctor."

Halsey steps out of the cell and is escorted down the hall with them. Fade to black.


Fade in to Lasky's office, where Halsey was previously interrogated. Halsey is escorted inside.

  • Marine: "Have a seat, doctor."
  • Roland: "Thank you, gentlemen. You may go."

The two Marines look at each other as if suspicious of the order, but agree and step out. Halsey walks to the room's large screen.

  • Halsey: "Roland, give me full access to this terminal."
  • Roland: "Yes, Doctor Catherine Halsey."

The screen activates. Halsey presses several buttons on it and brings up images of Jul 'Mdama.

  • Halsey: "The Didact's Hand. If people would just share things with me I could solve all the world's problems. Send everything the UNSC has on the Librarian to my data pad."
  • Roland: "Yes, Doctor Catherine Halsey."

Halsey examines the sent info on her data pad.

  • Halsey: "This is all my own research! I need new information. Anything that has been kept from me."

Halsey turns at the mention of John-117 and gasps in shock.

  • Halsey: "John?! I..."

Halsey spends a long moment in shock, but slowly regains her composure. She breathes deeply and looks determinedly ahead.

  • Halsey: "Roland, prep a Pelican for immediate launch. And patch this terminal into the comm systems infiltrated by the artifact."

Roland's avatar flickers, and the AI regains control of himself.

  • Roland: "Doc! Whatever you did to me- aaugh..."

Roland calms down and resumes obedience.

  • Roland: "Yes, Doctor Catherine Halsey."

Cut to Mdama's terminal. The Sangheili observes Halsey appearing in it.

  • Halsey: "Jul 'Mdama."
  • 'Mdama: (Sangheili) "You... are Catherine Halsey?"

Cut to Halsey's room, where she speaks to 'Mdama's image on the screen.

  • Halsey: "We have played your game quite long enough and we are both out of time. In our previous conversation you mentioned 'assistance'."
  • 'Mdama: (Sangheili) "How do you know...?"
  • Halsey: "Who but the Didact's Hand could offer me a Promethean soul?"
  • 'Mdama: (Sangheili) "What is it that you want?"
  • Halsey: "What we both want, Jul: Librarian. A powerful name for me as well as you. Librarian was very fond of humans. Did you know that?"

Behind her, Roland splits into two avatars. A flickering weak red Roland is pushed away by a strong green Roland, then is grabbed and swallowed up again. Roland regains control of himself.

  • Roland: "Yeah! That was a dirty trick, doc!"

Roland snaps his fingers and the comm screen goes black.

  • Roland: "My turn now!"

Roland opens the office's door. The two Marines return inside, guns raised.

  • Marine: "Stay right where you are, doctor!"

Cut to Captain Lasky, escorted by Marines to re-meet Dr. Halsey.

  • Lasky: "Doctor Halsey. I've underestimated you long enough. A cryo-tube should hold you unt-"

Halsey walks up to Lasky and slaps him.

  • Halsey: "John's alive! He was here, on this ship. Nobody told me he was alive!"

Alarms in the hallway go off. Cut to Infinity's hangar. Marines open fire on Promethean Knights that are phasing aboard Infinity.

  • Marine: "They're everywhere!"

The Marines return fire, but some are shot down. Sarah Palmer leads the defense with a pair of M6H pistols.

  • Palmer: "Hold the line! Nothing gets past!"
  • Lasky (COM): "Commander Palmer, report!"

A Promethean slashes a Marine with its sword arm.

  • Palmer: "Kind of busy, Captain!"

More and more Prometheans rush into the attack. Palmer picks them off with her pistol. A Promethean Knight appears behind Palmer, but she punches it and kills it with a headshot. Once it disintegrates, she returns to picking off those in front of her.

  • Palmer: "Knights are phasing through the artifact!"

Cut back to Lasky and Halsey in the hallway.

  • Palmer (COM): "Don't worry, we'll keep them contained in the hangar."
  • Lasky: "Too late, they're here too!"

Prometheans fire down the hallway. A Marine is shot and falls backward on top of Halsey. A second Marine in front of Lasky is killed, but he manages to set down the body and take the Marine's shotgun.

  • Lasky: "Halsey!"

Lasky leaps to defend her with an M45 Shotgun. He kicks the Knight standing above her, and blasts it in the chest. Lasky pulls Halsey to safety as the Knight disintegrates.

  • Lasky: "Come on! Doctor!"

A third Marine covers for them but is quickly killed. The two hide behind a corner and Lasky speaks the ship's public comm on the wall.

  • Lasky: "Captain Lasky to all hands, battlestations! This is not a drill!"
  • Halsey: "Lasky!"

Lasky pumps his shotgun. Promethean Knights flare their skulls at Lasky and Halsey. Cut to black.


  • In the opening cinematic, a Marine yells, "They're everywhere!"; this is a notorious line spoken by the BoBs in the original Marathon. However, Marathon is owned by Bungie, not 343 Industries, so it is more likely a coincidence rather than a deliberate reference.
  • Invasion is the only episode that does not feature Fireteam Majestic in the opening cinematic.