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This article is about the Requiem location. For the Shield 0459 location, see Apex Site; for the SPARTAN-IV fireteam, see Fireteam Apex
This article's title is a callsign, an alias, or a nickname, as no proper name for the subject has been revealed.
The area known as "Apex".

The Apex, designated Site Req//3490-9299[1] is the UNSC codename for a location on the Forerunner shield world Requiem.


Referred to as "Apex" by Spartan Command, this site appeared to have once been a translocation outlier, offering individuals and machines easy access across Requiem's many environments through its incredibly large portal generator network. Scientists have since theorized that this site had other functions, as the data acquired from initial scans offered deep insight into the Forerunners' translocation technology.[2]


In 2558, Fireteam Crimson was sent to this location to deactivate several portals being used by the Covenant. They were interrupted however when Promethean and Covenant remnant forces launched a surprise attack on the UNSC Infinity, and all Spartan forces were recalled to defend the ship. Crimson fought through several waves of Covenant and Promethean forces to reach a landing zone.[3] After successfully defending the ship, Crimson was sent back to the Apex to finish their mission. After securing the area, Fireteam Lancer were sent in to guard the area.[4] Several hours later, Dr. Catherine Halsey's signal was detected in Apex, and Fireteam Crimson was sent to investigate it, but instead a new signal in Apex led the team to search for Halsey in Lockup.[5] Fireteam Forest was sent to secure an area in the Apex, but the Pelican carrying the fireteam was shot down. Gustavo Esposito and three surviving members of Fireteam Forest were later discovered by Fireteam Crimson. Together, the two teams disabled a Type-56 Lich in the region, taking its core to replace that of the Type-58 Harvester elsewhere in Requiem.[6]


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