Fireteam Lancer

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Fireteam Lancer
Icon of the Fireteam Lancer Emblem.


Active as of 2558


United Nations Space Command




Requiem Campaign


Terry Hedge


Fireteam Lancer is a team of SPARTAN-IVs that was assigned to the UNSC Infinity during the Requiem Campaign in February 2558.


Known Members[edit]

Operational history[edit]

Fireteam Lancer during Requiem Campaign.

In 2558, during the attack on the UNSC Infinity, Lancer was ordered to reinforce Fireteam Avalanche and Fireteam Kodiak at Fore Armory 12-7.[1] After securing the armory, Lancer was sent to Translight Deck 19-7 to reinforce Fireteam Crimson.[2] Later, after Crimson secured "Apex," Lancer was sent in to guard the area.[3]

While protecting the Apex, Lancer discovered a Covenant base in the nearby hills. Commander Sarah Palmer ordered Crimson to assist Lancer in destroying the base.[4] Crimson regrouped with Lancer and together the two fireteams destroyed the shield wall protecting the generator. Lancer and Crimson made their way through the canyon and reached the entrance to the Covenant base. While the two fireteams were attacking the base, Jared Miller picked up a mysterious SOS signal, originating from a nearby cave. Lancer and Crimson made their way into the cave and discovered the captured Fireteam Switchback. Shortly thereafter, the Crimson and Switchback were evacuated.[5]


  • Fireteam Lancer's ultimate fate is unknown. Only Crimson and Switchback are known to have been extracted by Pelican while Lancer's stated mission was to "babysit" "Apex." "Apex" was retaken at least twice by the Covenant, meaning that they may have been killed.

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