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Gypsy Company


United Nations Space Command


UNSC Marine Corps


Approximately 200 Marines


First Battle of Requiem


Commander Thomas Lasky (Acting Ground Commander)[1]

"Sir, Gypsy Company is prepped and ready to roll on your orders."
— Commander Sarah Palmer to Captain Andrew Del Rio.

Gypsy Company is a formation of the UNSC Marine Corps. In July 2557, the unit was attached to the UNSC Infinity during the First Battle of Requiem,[2] and its M510 Mammoth served as a Forward Operation Base.[1]


After fending off an attack by the recently awakened Didact's Promethean constructs and Covenant devotees, Captain Andrew Del Rio ordered that the ship return to Earth to report the crew's findings. However, Infinity was caught by an artificial gravity well that kept the ship from leaving Requiem. Gypsy Company was deployed under the tactical purview of Commander Thomas Lasky, the ship's executive officer, to destroy the particle cannons that defended the gravity well generator.[2]

A roughly platoon-sized element of the company was deployed aboard an M510 Mammoth siege vehicle, accompanied by MCPO John-117 and four SPARTAN-IVs. A trio of D79-TC Pelicans assigned to the company provided aerial support. Two of the Pelicans, (including Papa Foxtrot 766, callsign Gypsy Seven), were destroyed by the first cannon and the third crashed in a nearby depression. The Master Chief and a squad of Marines retrieved a target designator from the Pelican and used it to coordinate the Mammoth's fire, destroying the first gun.[2]

The company trundled through the canyons, destroying Covenant targets along the way, until reaching the area later designated "the Quarry" and designating the next cannon. There, the Mammoth and escorting M12 Warthogs were ambushed by a Lich ultra-heavy dropship, which disabled the siege vehicle's main gun. The Marines fended off the Covenant long enough for SPARTAN-117 and a newly arrived team of SPARTAN-IVs to board and destroy the Lich. After the Lich was neutralized, the survivors continued until reaching a dead-end canyon; the Master Chief disembarked on foot toward a nearby structure, while the Marines moved on to link up with Infinity. Ultimately the gravity well generator was destroyed and Gypsy Company's mission was successful.[2]

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