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Gold Team


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Gold Team was a group of Spartan-IIs under the operational command of Naval Special Warfare Command. They actively participated in several battles, including the Battle of Biko and Operation: SILENT STORM.

Known members[edit]

Operational history[edit]

In 2526 Gold Team participated in Operation: SILENT STORM, together with Spartan Blue and Green Teams. Their mission was to infiltrate Covenant ships and commandeer them to gain information about the aliens' technology. The initial assault resulted in the destruction of the Covenant vessel the Spartans had boarded, after Lieutenant-Commander Hector Nyeto allowed an communication broadcast to be detected by the Covenant in an effort to get the Spartans killed.

A second attempt was made at the Human colony world of Biko, which was a UNSC stronghold, and known priority for the Covenant. The second attempt was thwarted by an Insurrectionist plot, and Gold Team, together with the other Spartan teams helped defeat the Insurrectionists on Biko's third moon, Seoba. The commander of the operation, Colonel Crowther, learned of the Spartan's age and refused to use them further in combat operations. Instead, the Spartans were tasked with guarding the prisoners - and shortly after the battle, the Covenant showed up at Biko, attempting to negotiate with the Insurrectionists. Instead, the UNSC provoked and attacked them, destroying several Covenant vessels. Despite this, the Covenant managed to destroy the Prowler of Captain Halima Ascot , which then crashed into the moon of the planet. The Spartans, being the only mission capable forces present - proceeded to the Prowler's crash site to scramble it's data, and look for survivors, before eventually engaging the Covenant forces looking for the vehicle; finding it lodged inside an ice wall. Under pressure from the Covenant attack, John-117 ordered the Spartans to use their grenade launchers, causing an avalanche which buried several Spartans under the ice, but also wiped out the already present Covenant boarding party. After recovering their buried team-mates, and rescuing a squad of ODST's led by Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson, a HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon was used to destroy the Prowler - preventing the Covenant from gaining any intelligence from the spacecraft.

After a raid on the Covenant supply train, and destroying several support vessels, the Spartans eventually acquired the location of Zhoist - a world used by the Covenant to supply their war effort. With a distraction planned by the remaining Prowlers of Task Force X-ray, the twelve Spartans of Gold, Green and Blue team descended to the planet on-board four Prowlers. Green and Blue Team managed to successfully deploy upon the elevator, which carried supplies to the construction ring orbiting the planet, while Gold Team was split on two Prowlers, both of which were chased away by the Covenant forces defending the planet.

Using Octanitrocubane explosives to destroy several constituent facilities on the orbital ring, it caused a severe destabalization of the object - and resulted in a mission success. While most of the ODSTs died during the assault, none of the Spartan teams sustained any casualties.[1]

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