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Banta-class transport

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Banta-class transport
Production information


Transport ship[1]

Technical specifications


At least 300 passengers[2]

Chronological and affiliation


Human-Covenant war[1]


United Rebel Front[1]


The Banta-class transport is a type of human starship. At least one of these vessels was in the possession of the United Rebel Front in early 2526.[1]


Banta-class transports have an enclosed flight deck separated from the main cabin and troop bay by various internal hatches, and they require only a small crew to operate. From the flight deck, the crew can depressurize compartments individually. Its troop bay is large enough to hold at least 300 human passengers, and it can be accessed externally via loading ramp. The Banta-class also features multiple emergency escape pods.[1] Ships of the class are propelled by a trio of engine exhausts that allow it to fly in space, as well as in a planet's atmosphere.[2]

Operational history[edit]

During the Battle of Seoba on March 18, 2526, a United Rebel Front-owned Banta-class transport called the Emmeline was seized by the UNSC's Task Force Yama. The day after the battle, roughly three hundred insurrectionist prisoners—including General Harper Garvin—were loaded on to the captured vessel to be taken to Biko for prosecution.[1]

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