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Pirth City
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Battle of Arcadia, Fall of Arcadia


Pirth City was the capital city and popular vacation area of Arcadia, a human colony world in the Procyon system. The Covenant attacked the city during the Battle of Arcadia in 2531.



As the capital city of Arcadia, Pirth City likely received many tourists. It was home to several resorts and was located near the coast. It hosted several landing pads for civilian transports, allowing for a steady flow of tourist traffic.[1] Pirth had a number of spaceports in the city center interlinked with a MagLev train system.[2]

Like on many other colonies, the architecture in the city largely followed a single consistent direction, which involved sleek, mostly white buildings as well as expansive parks and boulevards, along with MagLev rails crisscrossing amidst the cityscape. The city also had several large statues seemingly fashioned after classical sculptures, a feature rarely seen in other 26th-century human cities.[1]


Around 2524, the city became a hotspot for refugees fleeing from Eridanus II.[3]

Covenant attack[edit]

Civilians rushing into a civilian cargo ship during the evacuation of the city.

When the city was attacked during the Battle of Arcadia, its first defenders were the Arcadian Patrol, the police force of Arcadia. Shortly afterward, SPARTAN-II Red Team arrived to help defend the city and evacuate its residents. Later, the UNSC Spirit of Fire arrived and deployed forces to help defend the city. While this combined force battled the Covenant, civilians fled to three different cargo ships for evacuation. Shortly after arriving, the Spirit of Fire reinforcements secured the subway exit, saving the lives of many civilians. Although one of the cargo ships was destroyed, the evacuation was successful.[1] However, Red Team and the Spirit of Fire ground forces were forced to retreat.[2]

Pirth City was abandoned when Arcadia's inhabitants scattered, either fleeing the planet for other colonies or retreating to the last major bastion of civilization on the planet: the lawless community of Abaskun. It was abandoned, and eventually became overgrown as a jungle encroached upon the once bustling metropolis. It was most likely glassed with the rest of the planet when the Covenant returned.[4]


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