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The continent of Mu on Arcadia
Abaskun was located on the eastern coast of Mu.


Mu, Arcadia[1]

Notable events:

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Lawless, self-governed[2][3]


Abaskun was a major city[4] and province on the eastern portion of the continent of Mu[1] on the Outer colony world of Arcadia.


Topography and ecology[edit]

Abaskun also contained at least two islands. The province was bordered by at least four other provinces; Xanadu, New Troy, Sarai, and Petra.[1]

Known residents[edit]


Once a territory of Arcadia, Abaskun was known for its rich farmland.[3]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

During the Battle for Arcadia, Arcadia's main population centres were destroyed in the fighting,[6] including Abaskun.[4] Despite this destruction, the city continued to see human habitation for some time after the battle's end, with Arcadian survivors returning to Abaskun and re-establishing it as a small and rural farming community. Abaskun would continue to serve as an agricultural base for the Inner Colonies[3][2] for the next eighteen years until the Covenant's return to the planet on September 9, 2549.[3]

As the Covenant began glassing the planet, hundreds of civilian transports attempted to flee the destruction,[7] including ones from Abaskun.[5]


Abaskun was a port on the southeastern shore of the Caspian Sea that existed during the Middle Ages.

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