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Mu, Arcadia

Notable events:

Fall of Arcadia

Governed by:

Lawless, self-governed[1]


Abaskun, also known as Arcadia City,[2] was a settlement on Arcadia,[3] situated on the eastern portion of the continent of Mu.[4] As a lawless region, it still supplied the Inner Colonies with much-needed foodstuffs until the planet was attacked again in the Fall of Arcadia in 2549.[1][5]


Once a territory of Arcadia, Abaskun was known for its rich farmland.[5] Abaskun was abandoned along with most of the planet on February 9, 2531 during the Battle of Arcadia. However, a group of Arcadians that remained behind on the planet returned to Abaskun and established it as a small, rural farming community. Over several years, many former Arcadian colonists slowly returned to the planet and resettled in Abaskun. The settlers rebuilt and became a symbol of humanity's resilience.[6] Largely lawless with some form of colonial government,[2] Abaskun continued to provide food supplies for human colonies under the control of the Unified Earth Government.[5]

On September 9, 2549, eighteen years after their initial invasion, the Covenant returned to Arcadia. The Covenant was taken back by Abaskun's anachronistic state, as the remaining residents of Arcadia lived in lawlessness while flora had overgrown their cities, including Pirth City.[1] With no true military force, Abaskun was easily overwhelmed by Covenant forces.[5] As the Covenant began glassing the planet, hundreds of civilian transports attempted to flee the planet, but they were destroyed by plasma beams in orbit. Doctor Catherine Halsey watched the destruction of Arcadia from cameras mounted on a meteorological satellite, greatly distraught at the deaths of Abaskun's former residents.[6]

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Abaskun was a port on the southeastern shore of the Caspian Sea that existed during the Middle Ages.

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