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Currently trying to prepare important pages for Halo Infinite and Showtime's series.

Catherine Halsey: in progress Cortana: in progress Jenny: complete John-117: in progress Quan Ah: complete Tudejsa: in progress Zeta Halo Project: complete

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Edited the page Talk:Halo Infinite
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Edited the page MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (GEN3)
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"In what image did you see a TACPAD on Hazel's left wrist? Thanks!"
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Haha your welcome, took a good week of on-and-off progress :D


Reminder to please wait till the official release of stuff to put stuff onto the wiki.

Kinda hard to verify a lot of stuff like appearances otherwise.


Hi. Would you mind sharing where you got the info for the appearances in Halo Renegades that you added yesterday?


Oh i understand now, thanks for letting me know.


Not an error? the academy fell in 2526 how could be she still be a recruit there in 2529? could you explain please am new.


Remember to name files with the source. Like if its a image from Halo Warfleet. Name it like File:HW Cairo Station.???

This just helps keep things organised and is something we should really be doing.


Lol, I know :( Hopefully I can get more editing done