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Brian Reed was the Halo franchise lead writer at 343 Industries.[1] Previously employed by Marvel Comics, his first Halo work was Halo: Fall of Reach, a comic book adaptation of the Eric Nylund novel The Fall of Reach. He served as a writer for Halo 4 and was the lead writer of Spartan Ops.[2] Reed later wrote the comic miniseries Halo: Initiation[3] and subsequently issues 7 through 10 of Halo: Escalation.[4][5] Reed also wrote Rossbach's World, one of the short-stories in Halo: Fractures.

Reed was the lead writer for Halo 5: Guardians,[6] before moving to the position of Lead Narrative Director of the Halo franchise.[7] Reed was an additional cinematic writer for Halo Wars 2.[8] In early 2017, it became known that he had stepped down from the position.[9]