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Featured articles represent the reputation and identity of any wiki; as such, it is important to make sure every information in an article is factually correct and of proper format. Articles that satisfy the requirements will be featured in the Main Page. A small Legendary symbol (Main-Legendary.png) attached to the upper right-hand of any article indicates that that article has earned a "Featured Article" status.


To nominate an article for featured content, see the nomination page. Articles that successfully clear the nomination round will be added to the Featured Article template.

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For an article to be considered as a Featured Article, it must meet the requirements listed below. It should be noted that criteria for such an article may vary but, often, such articles must be of exceptional writing quality, longer length, have a large supply of augmenting pictures, well-referenced, and must be sufficiently notable.

  • Properly formatted; should consist of headers and section.
  • At least two pictures; pictures cover both image and video. Also a subjective application; if none is available, not applicable.
  • Properly worded; grammar, spellcheck, comprehension
  • Properly sourced; this includes citations with proper format and of reliable source.
Other requirements
  • Articles with conjecture; superfluous conjecture should be removed; Conjecture template needed.

Featured article[edit]

Featured Article:
Battle of Harvest
Space Battle.png

The Battle of Harvest was an engagement in the Human-Covenant War between the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant. It was one of the first major human battles with the Covenant in space, and the return of Admiral Preston Cole to the UNSC Navy.

Following the loss of the colony Harvest to the Covenant in 2525, the UNSC assembled a battle group to retake the planet on March 1, 2526. Led by Vice Admiral Preston Cole, UNSC Battle Group X-Ray engaged an enormous Covenant super-destroyer. Due to superior numbers and Cole's leadership, X-Ray was successful in defeating the Covenant but suffered heavy casualties in the process. At the cost of thirteen human ships, the alien starship was destroyed when its shields were overwhelmed with the largest show of firepower yet in humanity's history.

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List of featured articles[edit]

There are currently 33 Featured Articles out of a total of 12,056 articles on Halopedia. As of 2011, featured articles are randomised.

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