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In Halopedia, we strive to present information about the science-fiction horror franchise to readers the best of our abilities. Any featured content is a community triumph and is one of Halopedia's best content. All featured content undergoes a thorough review process to ensure that it meets the wiki's standards.


Main article: Featured articles

Featured articles represent the reputation and identity of any wiki; as such, it is important to make sure every information in an article is factually correct and of proper format.


Main article: Featured quotes

Featured quotes are quotes which the community has nominated and voted on to be displayed on the Main Page.


Main article: Featured videos

Featured video is a community feature to present video trailers, documentaries and the like on the Main Page.


Main article: Featured images

Featured image showcase the daily featured image on the Main Page.

Did you know

Main article: Did you Know

Did you know, is basic facts about Halo that get shown on the Main Page and the sidebar.


There is sometimes feaured stuff on the Main Page that gets retired for numerous reasons. Here is a list of stuff that was retired.

  • Halopedian of the Month: Halopedian of the Month was an award given at Halopedia to users who contribute positively to the smooth operation of Halopedia. It was officially discontinued on February 27, 2013, due to low activity and lack of interest from the community. The Main Page template can be found here.

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