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Featured quotes are quotes which the community has nominated and voted on to be displayed on the Main Page.


To nominate a quote for featured content, see the request page. Articles that successfully clear the nomination round will be added to the Featured Quote list.

To view the Featured Quote templates, go here and here.


For a quote to be considered as a Featured Quote, it must meet the requirements listed below.

Must be from a piece of Halo Media

  • If the quote is not from a published piece of Halo Media it can not be used as a featured quote.

Random quote of the day!

Men, we led those dumb bugs out to the middle of nowhere to keep 'em from gettin' their filthy claws on Earth. But, we stumbled onto somethin' they're so hot for, that they're scramblin' over each other to get it.
Well, I don't care if it's God's own personal anti-son-of-a-bitch machine, or a giant hoola hoop, we're not gonna let 'em have it! What we will let 'em have is a belly full of lead, and a pool of their own blood to drown in!... Am I right, Marines?

Sergeant Johnson, The Pillar of Autumn, Halo: Combat Evolved