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Orbital position:

Fifth planet[1]





Unified Earth Government[2]


Coral, formally designated CE-2-1239 e by the Forerunners,[1] was a human-occupied Outer Colony[3] in a system 42 light-years from Earth.[4]


At an unknown date, a Coral mining operation uncovered the tip of a Forerunner installation. The miners used explosives to excavate a depth of 30 meters, uncovering the undamaged tip of the installation. An archaeological expedition overseen by the Office of Naval Intelligence was able to dig out about eighty meters of the complex, which seems to be even more expansive. The complex has been described as made from metallic crystal, symmetrical to a near-atomic scale, and adorned with decorative artistic motifs.[5]

Though the details are unknown, Taylor H. Miles reports having taken part in an engagement in the Coral asteroid belt.[6]

In late September of 2552, it was reported that Coral had been glassed by the Covenant. The fate of the Forerunner installation remains unknown. Whether the colony was in fact glassed or not is speculative at best, as it is unlikely that the Covenant would have deliberately glassed a Forerunner structure.[7]


  • Coral is the home planet of Kamal Zaman and Sophia Bossedon in the I Love Bees saga.
  • The only known residents of Coral, Kamal and Sophia, speak about their families forbidding them to eat pork. In addition Kamal's surname (Zaman) is common in peoples of Muslim descent. Therefore it is quite possible that Coral had a significant Muslim population.
  • The Halo novel Halo: Ghosts of Onyx had a working title of "Ghosts of Coral". This led to a great deal of speculation about Coral and its background. However, it turned out to be unrelated.

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