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Sophia Bossedon is a civilian. Growing up hating the slow life on Coral, she emigrated to Earth as soon as she could. While she was supposed to be looked after by her aunt and uncle, it did not work out and she was sent to a refugee camp.[1]


After a year in the refugee camp, she squatted in a burned down apartment building which still had running water. Thanks to the water, she was able to clean herself and be able to get better jobs than she otherwise would. After a year of squatting, she started dating rich gangster Aiden Maki and was able to get into college.[2]

Knowing her mother would never approve of her dating someone from Earth, she refrained from telling her. Unaware of her daughter's commitment, Sophia's mother set her up with Kamal Zaman, a friend's son who had come to Earth with a medical school scholarship. On their date, she told Kamal about her relationship, depressing him.[3]

However, he became amused hearing about Sophia's mother, and they traded jokes about Coral. By the end of the date, they had become friends. While listening to her rant about Aiden, Kamal, suspecting he was cheating on her, told her about how he hacked into his ex-girlfriend's chatter, to find out if she was cheating on him. Impressed, Sophia asked him to spy on Aiden the same way.[4]

After finding out Aiden was indeed cheating on her, she used Kamal's hack to ruin Aiden's date. Although she broke up with him, they got back together after Aiden apologized and bought her an expensive bracelet. Aiden, respecting Kamal's abilities, hired him as a freelancer. Kamal, becoming attracted to Sophia, asked her out to dinner "as friends". She was likewise attracted to him, but she insisted they should stay just friends out of respect to her commitment to Aiden.

Some time after that, Sophia was found by an immigration cop and interrogated. A few minutes into the conversation, the cop revealed that Aiden had betrayed her because 'he forgot to pay [the cop] that month'. Apparently, this was the cop Aiden got all the visas for refugees from. It can be assumed Aiden wanted to trade information Sophia had about Kamal for his own needs. Sophia refused to betray Kamal, and was sent to a refugee camp.

Near the end of the storyline, Durga manages to get her out of the camp, and makes Sophia and Kamal's parents citizens. Needless to say, at this point, Sophia and Aiden are separated, and she's furious with him. On the final audio clip featuring Kamal, he and Sophia are reunited, where he professes his love to her and asks her to marry him. She replied yes, ensuring him she'll be there "for a long, long time". At that moment, the Covenant invade.

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