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United Kingdom


May 25th

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Howdy folks I am CIA391 but you can call me Chris.

I am a gamer who tries to keep on top of things. If you have any questions please PM me and I will try my best to answer. Or I will show you to someoone who can help.

I am rather active here. And will always respond if talked too.I personally love a good chat. I hope we can all be friends. (^-^)/

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Hi there! Hope I’m not bothering you... I’ve been on the site for a few days now and was wondering how long it would take for me to be able to edit my user page. I know this is a small question, but it’s been on my mind for a few days now. With best wishes, CF


No worries! I'll alter my sources appropriately. I 100% agree with that decision :)


Hey! Unfortunately I don't know where the term "AN/PRC650C Muctar battlenet node" came from. When I searched for "radio" on Halopedia it redirected to that page.

In the tech demo one scene shows a UNSC tent with crates, a radio, and other UNSC stuff. So the radio redirect was for UNSC radios in general.


Hi. User:Karsak has recently restarted their edit war on Moa to change the date scheme from CE to AD. They initially started this a month or so back, despite myself and several other users telling them that we did not do it that way on the wiki due to the source material, before Spartacus protected the page. I believe the recent expiration of the protection is why Karsak have resumed their actions, so I would like to request that the page be protected again. Blocking Karsak also strikes me as a good idea at this point. Thanks for your consideration.


Idk if sent you my last message, but I wanted to let you know that I'm sorry for the way I was acting (Yes, when I first got on I Started pestering, but I'm not trying to ask to be unbanned, in case you started to think that), but I wasn't the one who spammed you on Xbox, so can you please unblock me?


Hi CIA is there a forum archive?


Ok. Another question. Isnt Nicole 458 a canonical SII. bungie has confirmed so why when posted on the Spartan page of know Spartans. Alongside with Spartan NOLA, NV66, And such, It was removed.