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United Kingdom


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Howdy folks I am CIA391 but you can call me Chris.

I am a gamer who tries to keep on top of things. If you have any questions please PM me and I will try my best to answer. Or I will show you to someoone who can help.

I am rather active here. And will always respond if talked too.I personally love a good chat. I hope we can all be friends. (^-^)/

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Ok! Thank you for the clarification!


Thank you for the clarification. But, just to put my mind at ease, was my information correct, as of this moment? John, Jerome, Alice, and Douglas are the only Spartan-II's to fight the Flood directly, as of 2559?



Seen the unboxings of the Classified Orders, but can't seem to find that 01.Jan.2608 date anywhere. Also, there's not even a page for said orders. Care to answer? Thx.


Hey, my apologies for the edits to John, Jerome, Alice, and Douglas yesterday. I'll take responsibility for it.



The source for the Sigma Octanus IV city casualties is broken. Not working anymore. Can you send a better source? Thx