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About Me Version 1.2

This is my second version of my userwiki. I hope to make this more useful for users who wish to use this to their advantage so I can help them.

Howdy folks I am CIA391, but y'all can call me Chris.

I am a gamer who tries to keep on top of things. If you have any questions please PM me and I will try my best to answer. Or I will show you to someone who can help.

I am rather active here. And will always respond if talked too. You may reach me here, on Halo Waypoint, on Twitter, or through the Halopedia Discord via @CIA391#6775.

I personally love a good chat. I hope we can all be friends. (^-^)/

16th Birthday

Only 123 days 7 hours left until Halopedia's 16th birthday. (refresh)


Sandboxes and other personal projects

Projects external to Halopedia



Projects on Hiatus

  • Projects: This is a list of all projects I am currently doing. Will wipe once it is finished.


GearsxHalo stuff


Archive og links for sources

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Still need to locate

Fast template fixing

Templates to kill, maybe just do this when the image rehaul is fully on the loose.

Will go back here to wipe more redirects on images