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This is a list of projects CIA391 is doing or is/has planned to do.

Projects for 2019 (Will do VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!)

  • Halopedia Community Team (Name pending a change to be more ace but right now it says as it does on the tin): This is something that I been wanting to do in some form for years. Get a bunch of Halo fans who love Halo, share their love of Halo. And as we are on Halopedia make the most of the platform we are on. This will consist of the "News", "Social Media", interacting with fans to help them out with lore and potentially other stuff, make videos, find stuff that is interesting no matter its source to share to Halo fans (sourced of course), and also have fun.
  • Operation: Spartan Field Guide: A project to update all our Gameplay, achievement, secrets, and so on pages. This is so we can escape our "lore" stigma we are in. While its ace we are known for our lore, we can aim to do so much more.
  • HWA: Halopedia admins know this. Just this is us making it public.
  • Wiki support network: Make a network of wikis that starts with wikis under porples control to assist each other if its needed.
    • Emergency Patroller Protocol: A protocol to be drafted that "in the event" of Halopedia having less than 6 admins, we ask Destinypedia (may link this with the Wiki support network plan) to come into play and assist us till we get back on our feet with Patrollers hoping to be admins.
  • User page overhaul: After the merger get a overhaul of userpages done so they are easier on all users. Even if it means a reset on the wikitext on a lot of pages.
  • Disambiguation pages fix: Pages that are Disambiguation pages and pages with Disambiguation headers (and similar stuff) have a major issue of not showing text in links and are due a major overhaul on the wiki.

For the news

These assets I refuse to delete in the hopes I can use em for the news later.

Category fixing up

There is a lot of stuff needed to improve categories so to prepare for it. Here is a bunch of links most of which are Shazamikazes galleries atm that will ultimately improve stuff in the long run.

Links to help fix categories Banners-Logos-Emblems-Insignias-Icons

UNSC Military


UNSC, Covenant & Forerunner Technologies

Forerunner Ecumene

Covenant Empire

Halo Systems, Planets & Locations

Terrestrial & Extraterrestrial Creatures

Kill stuff

Orphans that need a home


Pages that need expanded

These are pages that need expanded that have large amounts of missing info.

  • Halo 2 Beta (Add info that is in the talk page)
  • Halo Waypoint (Ensure page is great after the following two parts are done)
    • Halo Waypoint Classified (Make neater)
    • Halo Waypoint Universe Section (Timed: Add Xbox 360 info onto it as it may vanish at any moment)
  • Section 3 ARG (Use Halo Archive record to make this accurate)
  • Encryption code (Remember to finish making this the best UNSC letter record on the net)

Needs creation

These are two pages that are not important, but do need created.

  • M250 Series 2 (Halo 5: Guardians, Blue team sign)
  • Sanctum shield thingy. Image here

Covie redirects to fix

Fix links to either, Morsam, Kai, or plainly Seraph if not shown.

Needs sources made mainsteam

Assets to save

Sub-tasks(Not important)

These are not important sub-tasks that make the wiki tidier, but are not important.

  • Remove all main-talk pages without a user page from users prior to 2012.
  • Remove all sigs in the Templates.
  • Remove all useless Categories.
  • Remove all useless Templates.
  • Will wipe this for HIP. Category:Userboxes

DLC and merch projects

DLC project

This is a project to get all DLC for the Halo Games, including pre-order DLC.

  • Halo Wars Vehicle Skin DLC
  • Halo 3: ODST Johnson
  • Halo 3 Second Mythic pack
  • Halo Reach Recon and chest
  • Halo 4(Already recorded mostly)
  • Halo 5 kinda
  • Halo Wars 2 dlc packs.

Megabloks project

This is a project to record all the mega contrux stuff that is listed on their site.

Spartan Games project

This project will list all of the Sets and organise them into a way that is easy to understand.

  • Update the Fleet Battles and Ground Command pages so they have all the available info on them.
  • Upload images from CIA391's internal record.

Misc Halo Merch page

This project will be a list of misc Halo items that are considered canon, or are to some degree canon. Or need a page.

Halo Wars 1 Leader GameDaily archive project

This is an attempt to recover lost lore from site that is unable to be viewed properly anymore.


100% safe stuff and its source

  • Regret Misc: "Compared to the battle-tested Arbiter, the Prophet of Regret looks wimpy, but that doesn't mean he's a pushover. Although he seems frail, this guy packs a plasma pistol and sits on a gravity throne with offensive capabilities."