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United States of America
Historical overview

Reorganized into:

United Republic of North America[1]


The United States of America,[2][1] also known as the United States, was a former nation of Earth. "America" and "American" are also terms used in reference to the United States.[3] The nation, along with Canada and Mexico, were reorganized into the United Republic of North America.


Early history

In 1775,[4] the United States Marine Corps was founded, elements of which would be passed down to the UNSC Marine Corps.[4][5]

The "first" American Civil War was fought from 1861-1865. One of the factions was the Union army.[6]

20th and 21st-century

An American astronaut on Luna.

During World War II, Isoroku Yamamoto crippled the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor.[7]

At the end of the 20th-century, America was considered in a financial bubble.[6] By 1996, US Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Dean Mitchell was the 6th human being to have walked on Luna.[8]

The United States in the first years of the 21st-century served as the inspiration for a strategy and ethos the United Nations would use in the 22nd-century.[9] In 2004, Melissa, an Artificial intelligence from 2552, hijacked a portion of the US payphone infrastructure. This resulted in payphone calls by her to Alaska, Kentucky and Montana.[10]

Later history

Soil issues plagued the Midwestern United States, causing many American farmers to leave Earth favoring colonization.[11]

From 2468, Lutheran Americans of Germanic descent would colonize Harvest.[12]


By 2524,[3] the political remnants of the United States would go on to be a part of the United Republic of North America.[1] The United States Marine Corps would at some point become defunct as well.[13] Despite this reorganization, former U.S. citizens still identified as American nationals.[14]


Chicago was a part of a region of the United States known as the American Midwest. The United States was also composed of entities called "states".[3]


Government and society

The midwestern United States had an "inflectionless nonaccent".[15]

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