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"I don't live in Kentucky anymore, I live in the real world now."
Rani Sobeck to Sarah-John Pope.[3]

The Commonwealth of Kentucky,[2] also known simply as Kentucky,[3][4] was a location in the former United States.[1] It was absorbed into the United Republic of North America.[2]


In 2004, Melissa rang a payphone in Hazard, Kentucky while Dana Awbrey was in China. She attempted to search for someone to answer the phone on the internet and through family.[1]

In 2551, AMG Transport Dynamics tested the 2553 model of the "Hog", a civilian version of the M12 Force Application Vehicle, at their proving ground site.[4]

In 2552, Rani Sobeck returned to her family home in Kentucky.[3][5]




A number of small businesses which operate in the state include McFarlane's[5] and Pammy's.[3] In addition, AMG Transport Dynamics has a proving ground in the commonwealth.[4]

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