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Texas was a state formerly part of the United States of America. As a political remnant of the country, it is a part of the United Republic of North America.

Texas was known to have an accent,[1] otherwise referred to as a drawl.[2] Danforth Whitcomb spoke with this accent.[1][2]



Known residents[edit]


2000 Mexican soldiers at one point attacked 155 Texans at the Alamo. 600 Mexican soldiers and several of the Texans were killed in the fight. Though there were civilian survivors.[3]

At some point prior to 2491, Gladys Wilson was born in Tahoka, Texas.[4]

The Buffalo Breaker Yards, a former-shipyard, are situated just outside the town of Abilene. A number of MJOLNIR GEN2 armor sets were tested there.


It is possible that the UNSC Texas is named after the location.

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