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Societal overview

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Tier 3

Historical overview


URNA, Unified Earth Government

Sarah-John Pope: "Hey! Rani, where are you?"
Rani Sobeck: "In a rental car, an hour out of Dogtown."
— One of St. Louis' sections is casually referred to by Rani.[1]

Missouri is a governmental territory that is part of the United Republic of North America. It is considered a political remnant of the United States of America.


One of the most well-known cities of Missouri, lying on the banks of the Mississippi River, is St. Louis. It includes a section known as Dogtown.[1] The legendary Vice Admiral Preston Jeremiah Cole was born in Mark Twain, Missouri, where he was raised by his family. While growing up there, he was educated at the Wallace Fujikawa Elementary School in the Missouri Rain River School District.[2]

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