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The cover of one version of the Halo Story Bible.
"It is the ponderous collection of lies, damned lies, and half-truths from which the entire Halo Universe is constructed."
Robert McLees[1]

The Halo Story Bible, often shortened as the Story Bible, is a reference document created by Bungie. As a developer's text, the Story Bible contains information to ensure consistency throughout the development of the Halo franchise.


Consisted of four black-and-silver looseleaf binders, the Story Bible is under the care of Frank O'Connor of 343 Industries. When the Story Bible is not with O'Connor, it is stored in a locked metal cabinet in the studio's offices, which are inaccessible to the rest of Microsoft.[2]

Following Bungie's end of partnership with Microsoft, Microsoft internal studio (now known as 343 Industries) sought assistance from Starlight Runner Entertainment to assemble a "Halo Bible" to ensure that the fictional content is understandable and easy to digest for any future development of the Halo franchise. During the development of Halo Mythos: A Guide to the Story of Halo, new additions were incorporated into the story bible to fill gaps and bridge parts of the Halo Universe.[3]

Released entries[edit]

Some less-sensitive material from the Story Bible was published in the Halo: Combat Evolved: Sybex Official Strategies & Secrets strategy guide. Various portions of the Story Bible, including weapon- and vehicle-related information, have been posted on Bungie.net as well. The Halo Encyclopedia also contains new information on canon, and some of its content originated from the Story Bible.

In 2007 several entries on weapons were released on Bungie.Net.[4][5]


  • Version 6.0: By April 21 2003, the 6th version of the story bible had been created.[6]


  • It is apparent that the material in the Story Bible is not static, as the Kig-Yar homeworld of Eayn is a fictional satellite of a real extrasolar planet, HD 69830 d, that was not discovered until May 2006.
  • During a private question and answer session, Martin O'Donnell jokingly claimed that he had memorized every chapter and verse of the Halo Story Bible.[citation needed]
  • On February 12, 2010, both Martin O'Donnell and Frank O'Connor joined host Chris Cashman in his booth during a special session of 1 vs 100. When answering a fan's question about continuity in the Halo universe, both of them jokingly referred to the Halo Story Bible.[citation needed]