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Hi guys, I'm Soul reaper. I'm an avid Halo fan and a huge fan of a number of other video games. I contribute to other wikis such as Zelda Wiki and some over on wikia such as Metal Gear Wiki. This page is basically dedicated to images. The first section is made up of Halopedia logos I've made. All of them use the Halo font from Halo 4. If you'd like to use any then I can give you the code to add the your personal CSS. The next section are the images that I have uploaded that are used in articles. Some of these may have been updated by other uses, or be ones uploaded by others and updated by me. The small section at the bottom is for other Halo, related images.


Galleries wiped as per non-response in talk page.-CIA391 (talk) 10:32, 11 September 2018 (EDT)