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Halo 4: Official Game Guide

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Halo 4: Official Game Guide
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Prima Games

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Prima Publishing

Publication date:

November 6, 2012


416 pages (Standard Edition), 464 pages (Collector's Edition)


978-0307895691 (Standard Edition), 978-8863550191, (Collector's Edition)


The Halo 4 Official Game Guide is the official strategy game guide of Halo 4. It was released alongside the game on November 6, 2012 throughout the United States by Prima Publishing. It is readily available in two forms: the standard edition and the collector's edition.[1][2]

Book Contents[edit]

  • Full-color maps of all the Campaign and Multiplayer locations.
  • Tactics for the Campaign mode, including battle-tested plans for Cooperative play, and for Legendary difficulty setting.
  • Introduction to all the Halo video games released so far.
  • Introduction to prominent characters encountered throughout Halo 4.
  • Detailed intel sections on enemies, weapons and vehicles encountered and/or utilized throughout the game.