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Article Improvement Drive is a community project to improve the wiki's content through bringing articles in dire need of improvement—from cleanup to content expansion and updates—to everyone's attention. Ideally, the list will be periodically refreshed with a new set of articles as the articles are fixed; however, if given articles on the list have not received the necessary attention, those articles will be kept on the list until they require no further improvement. An article is considered sufficiently repaired when it is properly sourced, accurate, comprehensive and well formatted—in short, up to our general standards of quality.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the improvement effort or suggest new articles to the list on the project's talk page. There is also a relevant forum discussion on the Halo Archive.

Current articles

Week 8/2017-

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo Wars 2:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Halo Wars 2: information on the campaign, gameplay features, individual levels multiplayer maps, etc. needs to be added.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png James Cutter
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Ellen Anders
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Isabel
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Atriox
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Banished
  7. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Installation 00
  8. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png UNSC Spirit of Fire

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo: Envoy:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Halo: Envoy (plot synopsis, etc.)
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Melody Azikiwe
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Rojka 'Kaasan
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Thars 'Sarov
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Gray Team
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Jai-006
  7. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Adriana-111
  8. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Mike-120
  9. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Ellis Gass
  10. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Hekabe
  11. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Lamar Edwards
  12. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Carrow
  13. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Battle of Carrow
  14. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Sharquoi

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo: Fractures:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png What Remains: a plot synopsis needs to be added
    1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Evelyn Collins
    2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Meridian Station
  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Breaking Strain: a plot synopsis needs to be added
    1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Darren Leone
    2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Maher
    3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Robertson
  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Promises to Keep: a plot synopsis needs to be added
  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Defender of the Storm: a plot synopsis needs to be added
    1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Adequate-Observer
  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Into the Fire: a plot synopsis needs to be added
  1. Articles to the updated with information from Halo: Shadow of Intent include the following:
    1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Shadow of Intent
    2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Prelate
    3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Boru'a'Neem
    4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Attack on Rahnelo
    5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Ambush at Duraan
  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Rossbach's World: a plot synopsis needs to be added
    1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Serin Osman
    2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Black-Box
    3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Terrence Hood
    4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Created conflict
  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Oasis: a plot synopsis needs to be added
    1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Dahlia
    2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Jat
    3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Sandholm
    4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Carrow
  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Anarosa: a plot synopsis needs to be added
    1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Leo
    2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Prauss
    3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Michael Carmelo

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo: Last Light:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Operation: JOVIAN WHISTLE
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Murtag Nelson
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Gao
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Gao Ministry of Protection
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Tejo Aponte
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png 2553

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo: Smoke and Shadow:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Halo: Smoke and Shadow: a plot synopsis needs to be added
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Rion Forge
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Lessa
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Niko
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Kip Silas
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Cade
  7. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Gek 'Lhar
  8. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Ace of Spades
  9. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png 2557

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo: Tales from Slipspace:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Something Has Happened: a plot synopsis needs to be added
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Undefeated: a plot synopsis needs to be added
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Hunting Party: a plot synopsis needs to be added
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Cortana
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Domain

The following articles need to be brought up to speed with information from Hunt the Truth Season 2:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Black-Box
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Anthony Petrosky

Other articles needing attention:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Drifts Randomly needs to be expanded with information from Halo: Hunters in the Dark.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Battle of Meridian (2558) needs to be expanded with information from Halo 5: Guardians.
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Glassing needs to be updated to include information on "deglassing" and other post-war activities on glassed worlds from Halo 5: Guardians and Hunt the Truth.
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Planetary warfare still needs considerable work, especially with referencing, which, considering it is a subject which spans the entirety of Halo media, is going to take a lot of work.

Multi-article projects

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Template:Walkthrough Infobox needs to be added to walkthrough articles lacking it.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Comic scans with blanked speech bubbles should be updated with the text intact as per this forum.
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png The list of Forge objects needs to be updated to include all Halo 4-related material, including creation of subpages for each individual category.
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Many Halo 4 multiplayer map articles need to be expanded with information on map layout, features and gameplay strategies. See Avalanche for reference of a comprehensive map article.
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Game level transcripts need to be formatted in accordance with the the Layout Guide; for most articles, this means the standardization of the way characters and other subjects are referenced (e.g. omitting superfluous or overly long titles/ranks), as well as the addition of music tracks playing at a given time.
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Quote pages need to be updated according to the Layout Guide. For example, insignificant lines which are not quotable in any fashion should be removed. In addition, quotes which are part of a dialog between the subject and another character should feature a transcript of the lines of both characters as opposed to only those spoken by the title character. For an example of this in practice, see Forthencho/Quotes.
  7. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Template:Soundtrack (transcluded in most articles under its old name "Halo music") needs to have a subtemplate specified in articles about individual music tracks; e.g. Halo: Combat Evolved tracks should use the {{Soundtrack|H1}} template and so on (see the Soundtrack template for a full list of the subtemplates). In case any of the articles has the parent category "Soundtrack" manually inserted, it should be removed as well along with other possible formatting improvements. You can find these pages by browsing the Soundtrack category.
  8. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png The new notice templates Template:Fanart and Template:Fanwork need to be added to the relevant images. See the more specific usage notes on each template's page.

Articles to be created

The following is a list of articles that have not yet been created, along with relevant sources from which to draw information:

Halo: Spartan Strike (campaign levels)

Halo: Broken Circle (see also the novel's appearances list)

Halo: Nightfall

Related links

In addition to the above, the following categories are full of articles in need of improvement:

Previous entries

Finished multi-page projects

  1. AID-checkbox-checked.png The known War Games designations of multiplayer maps are to be moved from the article introduction to the new "Map" field of the Multiplayer Map Infobox. See here for an example of the new format.
  2. AID-checkbox-checked.png The appearance lists in game articles need to be updated to match the new standard described HERE. For a reference on this format in practice, see HERE.
  3. AID-checkbox-checked.png "Category:Sentinel Screenshots" is to be removed from images and replaced with subcategories of Category:Images of Sentinels. Remember to omit the parent category when using subcategories!
  4. AID-checkbox-checked.png Category:Images of Carter-A259, Category:Images of Kat-B320, Category:Images of Jun-A266, Category:Images of Emile-A239, and Category:Images of Jorge-052 should be added to images of the characters in question. As always, remember to categorize other items in the image (e.g. locations, weapons and armor types) and omit parent categories that may be present (e.g. Category:Images of SPARTAN-IIIs) unless said parent categories are applicable to other characters shown in the image (i.e. characters who lack a dedicated image category).
  5. AID-checkbox-checked.png The following dates, still found linked on many pages, need to be revised in accordance with recent updates to the Forerunner-era timeline:
    1. 100,000 BCE -> 97,445 BCE
    2. 100,950 BCE -> 98,395 BCE
    3. 101,000 BCE -> 98,445 BCE
  6. AID-checkbox-checked.png We are in the process of clarifying the nature of the factions that emerged during the Great Schism. The labels "Covenant loyalists" and "Covenant separatists", formerly used by the wiki and still found on some pages, are inaccurate as the Sangheili only threatened to resign from the High Council and did not secede of their own accord. Thus, other terms should be used to identify the parties involved; examples of acceptable terminology for the so-called "separatists" include "the Sangheili" or "Sangheili-led Covenant", etc. while the opposing side may be identified by their loyalty to the Prophet of Truth, or their military's leadership by the Jiralhanae. The Sangheili aligned with the Arbiter and allied with humanity may be identified by their affiliation with the Fleet of Retribution, or Swords of Sanghelios in post-Schism contexts. Also note that this group does not constitute the entirety of the Sangheili species; the splinter group formed by Xytan 'Jar Wattinree, for example, is considered its own faction, and the majority of the Sangheili were unaligned with any particular group during the first days of the Great Schism.

For earlier entries, see the Archive.