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The Article Improvement Drive is a community project to improve the wiki's content through bringing articles in dire need of improvement—from cleanup to content expansion and updates—to everyone's attention. The list is refreshed periodically with new articles requiring improvement, but previous entries will be kept on the list until those articles have been brought fully up to date. An article is considered sufficiently repaired when it is properly sourced, accurate, comprehensive and well formatted—in short, up to our general standards of quality.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the improvement effort or suggest new articles to the list on the project's talk page.

Current articles

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo: Battle Born:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Halo: Battle Born: A plot synopsis needs to be added.

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo: Silent Storm:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Halo: Silent Storm: A plot synopsis needs to be added.

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo: Bad Blood:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Halo: Bad Blood: A plot synopsis needs to be added.

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo: Retribution:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Halo: Retribution: A plot synopsis needs to be added.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Veta Lopis
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Ash-G099
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Olivia-G291
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Mark-G313
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Castor
  7. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Intrepid Eye
  8. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Fred-104
  9. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Linda-058
  10. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Kelly-087
  11. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Blue Team
  12. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Bartalan Craddog
  13. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Serin Osman
  14. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Keepers of the One Freedom
  15. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Dark Moon Enterprises
  16. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Argent Moon
  17. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Meridian
  18. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Taram
  19. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Suluhu Contemplarium
  20. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Operation: RETRIBUTION
  21. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png 2553
  22. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png UNSC Silent Joe
  23. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Turaco
  24. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Sloan

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo: Legacy of Onyx:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Halo: Legacy of Onyx: The plot synopsis needs to be completed.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Molly Patel
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Gudam Keschun
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Kareem El-Hashem
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Asum 'Mdama
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Dural 'Mdama
  7. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Lucy-B091
  8. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Tom-B292
  9. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Kasha 'Hilot
  10. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Even Keel
  11. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Prone to Drift
  12. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Franklin Mendez
  13. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Buran 'Utaral
  14. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Ruk 'Nuusra
  15. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Kurnik 'Nuusra
  16. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Sarcophagus

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo Wars 2:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Halo Wars 2: information on the multiplayer mode and development needs to be added.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Ellen Anders: needs to be updated with information from the Halo Wars 2 campaign as well as the Phoenix Logs
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Isabel: needs to be updated with information from the Halo Wars 2 campaign as well as the Phoenix Logs
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Installation 00: needs to be updated with information on features and locations from the Phoenix Logs

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo: Envoy:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Halo: Envoy (plot synopsis, etc.)
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Melody Azikiwe
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Rojka 'Kasaan
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Thars 'Sarov
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Gray Team
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Jai-006
  7. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Adriana-111
  8. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Mike-120
  9. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Ellis Gass
  10. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Hekabe
  11. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Lamar Edwards
  12. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Carrow
  13. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Battle of Carrow
  14. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Vertex

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo: Fractures:

  1. AID-checkbox-checked.png What Remains
    1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Evelyn Collins
    2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Meridian Station
  2. AID-checkbox-checked.png Breaking Strain
    1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Robertson
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Promises to Keep: a plot synopsis needs to be added
    1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Chant-to-Green
    2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Reintroduction

Articles to the updated with information from Halo: Shadow of Intent include the following:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Prelate
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Boru'a'Neem
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Ambush at Duraan

AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Oasis: a plot synopsis needs to be added

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Dahlia
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Jat
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Sandholm
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Danzer

Halo: Warfleet has been released and has a ton of new info on Halo's starships and ship-related technology! The list of articles that need to be updated is too long to be listed here (check out the book's appearances list for more subjects), but includes the following:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Covenant - information to the "Technology" section, etc
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png UNSC Navy - information to the "Equipment" section, etc
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png UNSC Pillar of Autumn
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png UNSC Infinity
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png UNSC Spirit of Fire
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Slipstream space
  7. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine
  8. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Mantle's Approach
  9. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png High Charity
  10. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Truth and Reconciliation
  11. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Shadow of Intent
  12. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Anodyne Spirit
  13. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Halo universe: the "Technology" section could use a general overview of some of the technologies discussed in the book
  14. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Human: the "Technology" section could use various updates based on information in the book
  15. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png There should be a general umbrella article for coilgun technology, with links in related weapon systems
  16. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png The artificial gravity and anti-gravity technology pages need updates, and there could be a general gravitics page based on the usage of the term in the Glossary
  17. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png There should probably be general pages for spacecraft sensors and maneuver drives due to the amount of information available.
  18. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Nuclear weapon needs to be updated based on the new information on late-war UNSC nuke developments (Casaba-Howitzers, nuclear pumped lasers, etc)
  19. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Titanium-A armor could use some of the new info provided on page 19
  20. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Magnetic Accelerator Cannon could be a lot of new info on the different models, variable payloads, etc.
  21. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Nanotechnology: new info on use by the Covenant, etc.
  22. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Strident-class heavy frigate
  23. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Energy shielding should include new info on the different types, e.g. the Autumn class's shield-reinforced armor.
  24. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png GA-TL1 Longsword
  25. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Orbital defense platform, Moncton-class orbital weapon platform
  26. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Fusion drive has a lot of new info available
  27. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png There are some useful details for the bridge article too
  28. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png The hangar bay article could also use some new info
  29. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Space warfare could use a ton of new info
  30. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png UNSC In Amber Clad
  31. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png D77-TC Pelican
  32. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Pinch fusion reactor
  33. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Repulsor engine
  34. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Ardent Prayer & SDV-class heavy corvette
  35. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Hekar Taa-pattern Blockade Runner
  36. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Z-1800 Phaeton & weapon-ship
  37. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Guardian Custode & Peacemakers
  38. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Neural interface: info on the Covenant equivalent technology in their strikecraft

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo: Last Light:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Operation: JOVIAN WHISTLE
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Murtag Nelson
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Gao
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Gao Ministry of Protection

The following pages need to be updated with new information from Halo: Smoke and Shadow:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Halo: Smoke and Shadow: Part Four still needs a plot synopsis.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Rion Forge
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Lessa
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Niko
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Kip Silas
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Gek 'Lhar
  7. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Ace of Spades

Other articles needing attention:

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Drifts Randomly needs to be expanded with information from Halo: Hunters in the Dark.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Battle of Meridian (2558) needs to be expanded with information from Halo 5: Guardians.
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Glassing needs to be updated to include information on "deglassing" and other post-war activities on glassed worlds from Halo 5: Guardians and Hunt the Truth.
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Planetary warfare still needs considerable work, especially with referencing, which, considering it is a subject which spans the entirety of Halo media, is going to take a lot of work.
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Halo 2: the development section is severely lacking in its description of the game's development process, particularly the difficulties therein (a good overview of which can be found, for example, in this article)
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Drugs: the "Humans" section should be expanded with information on e.g. recreational drugs.

Multi-article projects

  1. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Template:Walkthrough infobox needs to be added to walkthrough articles lacking it.
  2. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Comic scans with blanked speech bubbles should be updated with the text intact as per this forum.
  3. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png The list of Forge objects needs to be updated to include all Halo 4-related material, including creation of subpages for each individual category.
  4. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Many Halo 4 multiplayer map articles need to be expanded with information on map layout, features and gameplay strategies. See Avalanche for reference of a comprehensive map article.
  5. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Game level transcripts need to be formatted in accordance with the the layout guide; for most articles, this means the standardization of the way characters and other subjects are referenced (e.g. omitting superfluous or overly long titles/ranks), as well as the addition of music tracks playing at a given time.
  6. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Quote pages need to be updated according to the layout guide. For example, insignificant lines which are not quotable in any fashion should be removed. In addition, quotes which are part of a dialog between the subject and another character should feature a transcript of the lines of both characters as opposed to only those spoken by the title character. For an example of this in practice, see Forthencho/Quotes.
  7. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png The new notice templates Template:Fanart and Template:Fanwork need to be added to the relevant images. See the more specific usage notes on each template's page.
  8. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Template:Verbatim should be added to applicable articles and sections.
  9. AID-checkbox-unchecked.png Category:Difficulty icons should be added to applicable images.

Articles to be created

The following is a list of articles that have not yet been created, along with relevant sources from which to draw information:

Halo: Warfleet: See red links on the book's appearances list

Halo: Retribution: See red links on the novel's appearances list

Halo: Envoy: See red links on the novel's appearances list

Halo: Last Light: See red links on the novel's appearances list

Halo: Spartan Strike (campaign levels)

Halo: Broken Circle (see also the novel's appearances list)

Halo: Nightfall

See also

In addition to the above, the following categories are full of articles in need of improvement: