Operation E: Brother's Keeper

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Operation D: Adamantine Shield (Gameplay)


Departure (Chronologically)

Operation E: Brother's Keeper
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Halo: Spartan Strike


Operation E: Brother's Keeper is the fifth and last operation of Halo: Spartan Strike. To access Operation E, the player must obtain a gold star in every mission of the four previous operations.




Greetings Spartan! I'm Roland, the UNSC Infinity's AI. Welcome to another classified combat simulation!

During the Battle of New Mombasa, a minor skirmish would have major consequences later on.

The op you'll study today began as an attempt by a team of ODSTs to recover vital data to our cause...

In this simulation, you'll take the place of the original ODST team. Ready? Let's see how you do as a lone Spartan in the big city!

(Cutscene conclusion)

Closing the portals stopped more Prometheans from converging on New Phoenix.

Together with UNSC forces, the Spartans wiped out the remaining invaders. And saved New Phoenix from suffering through another catastrophe.

Thanks to the heroism of Spartans like you, the people of Earth will continue to live in peace.

Well done, Spartan! Achieve top rank for all our simulations to stay at peak combat readiness!