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Render of a Forward Operating Base.
A render of a UNSC Forward Operating Base.

A Forward Operating Base or FOB is a general term used to describe any secured military position established for the purposes of supporting strategic and/or tactical goals on a battlefield.


Forward Operating Bases have been utilized by human military forces for centuries. The Covenant also utilized FOBs during the Human-Covenant War.[1]

The crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire installed FOBs in their campaign against the Banished, with FOB Quebec being one of them.[2]

During the Battle for Zeta Halo, the surviving UNSC personnel from the UNSC Infinity set up at least twelve Forward Operating Bases on the fragmented section of Zeta Halo.[3] The bases were hastily deployed to monitor Banished activities and launch incursions against raiding parties, supply depots, and other targets.[4] However, by March 3, 2560, all twelve FOBs had fallen into Banished hands.[3] They would remain that way until May 28, 2560, when John-117 arrived on the ring and began retaking the FOBs, starting with FOB Golf.[5]

In-game information[edit]

Captured FOBs[edit]

In the Halo Infinite campaign there are a total of twelve FOBs that can be recaptured from the Banished. Once recaptured, they can be used to summon weapons, vehicles, and marine reinforcements. They can also be used for fast travel. Recapturing a FOB will also reveal additional targets in the surrounding area.[5]

Capturing a FOB earns the player the Reclaimer achievement, while capturing all twelve FOBs earns the player the Resurgency achievement.

The FOBs are:

FOB unlocks[edit]

The following legendary weapons, vehicles, and UNSC marine specialists become available at all FOBs as the player gathers Valor during the campaign.

List of Valor Unlocks
Valor requirement Category Unlock Description
300 Vehicle Mongoose The M290 Mongoose is a swift, highly mobile all-terrain transport vehicle.
350 Weapon Mk50 Sidekick Semi-automatic firearm effective at close to medium range.
400 Weapon MA40 AR Reliable, fully automatic assault rifle effective at short to medium range.
450 Marine Reinforcement Assault One Marine equipped with a MA40 Assault Rifle will spawn at controlled FOBs and can reinforce you in empty vehicle seats.
500 Vehicle Razorback An armored troop transport variant of the M12B Warthog, fit with lightweight composite plating for enhanced protection from enemy fire.
550 Weapon M9 Frag Grenade Fragmentation grenade that bounces off surfaces before detonating.
600 Weapon CQS48 Bulldog A highly responsive and fast-firing tactical shotgun. Devastating at close range.
650 Marine Reinforcement Breacher One Marine equipped with a CQS48 Bulldog will spawn at controlled FOBs and can reinforce you in empty vehicle seats.
800 Vehicle Warthog The M12B Warthog is an extremely capable combat vehicle, owing to its speed, maneuverability, and passenger capacity.
900 Weapon VK78 Commando Precision automatic rifle with heavy recoil. Effective at medium to long range.
1,000 Marine Reinforcement Scout One Marine equipped with a VK78 Commando will spawn at controlled FOBs and can reinforce you in empty vehicle seats.
1,100 Weapon BR75 Three-round burst rifle, best utilized in mid-range engagements.
1,200 Marine Reinforcement Heavy Assault One Marine equipped with a BR75 Battle Rifle will spawn at controlled FOBs and can reinforce you in empty vehicle seats.
1,400 Vehicle Gungoose The M290-M Gungoose pairs high mobility and heavy firepower with the addition of two forward-mounted grenade launchers.
1,500 Weapon S7 Sniper The S7 Sniper is a long-range precision rifle with two zoom distances. Headshot kill most targets instantly.
1,600 Marine Reinforcement Sniper One Marine equipped with an S7 Sniper Rifle will spawn at controlled FOBs and can reinforce you in empty vehicle seats.
1,700 Weapon M41 SPNKr Better known as the SPNKr, the M41 SSR MAV/AW is a twin-tube launcher that fires explosive rockets.
1,800 Marine Reinforcement Demolition One Marine equipped with an M41 SPNKr will spawn at controlled FOBs and can reinforce you in empty vehicle seats.
2,000 Vehicle Scorpion The UNSC's main battle tank is equipped with a high velocity 90mm cannon for armored targets, and a medium machine gun for infantry.
2,100 Weapon Hydra A rapid-fire guided munitions launcher that fires gyroscopically-stabilized rockets, which home in on targets after lock-on.
2,200 Weapon Striker Sidekick Precision Mk50 Sidekick modified for improved stopping power.
2,300 Weapon MA40 Longshot Precision MA40 Assault Rifle with improved long-range performance.
2,400 Weapon Variant Convergence Bulldog CQS48 Bulldog with an increased ammo capacity and fit with a choke to tighten projectile spread and increase effective range.
2,600 Vehicle Wasp The AV-49 Wasp is a close air support VTOL craft, armed with heavy machine guns and twin rocket launchers.
2,700 Weapon Variant Impact Commando A modified VK78 with a large-capacity magazine and high-powered ammunition that reduces accuracy but increases range.
2,800 Weapon BR75 Breacher BR75 with improved stopping power tuned for close-range encounters.
2,900 Weapon S7 Flexfire Sniper An experimental, high-capacity variant of the S7 Sniper, tuned for mid-range combat.
3,000 Weapon Pursuit Hydra Hydra upgraded with faster target lock and improved rocket velocity, making it more effective at long range.
3,200 Vehicle Rocket Hog Fit with a M79 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), the M12R 'Rocket Hog' is best utilized in a fire support role.


The naming scheme of the FOBs in Halo Infinite is based on the NATO phonetic alphabet. However, there is no FOB India or FOB Mike.


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