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MLRS-2 Hydra

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This article is about the Hydra model featured in Halo Infinite. For other uses of the word Hydra, see Hydra (disambiguation).
Hydra MLRS-2 HGL
Hydra in Halo Infinite.
Production overview


Chalybs Defense Solutions[1]

Model series:



Multiple rocket launcher




Ammunition type:

HEAB Gyroc rockets[1]

Feed system:

6-rocket revolving cylinder[1]

Firing mode:


Effective range:

Medium to long

Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


The Multiple Launch Rocket System-2 Hydra (MLRS-2 Hydra),[1] commonly known simply as the Hydra, is a weapon employed by the United Nations Space Command as part of the "Hydra" line of weapons manufactured by Chalybs Defense Solutions.[1] The weapon succeeds the previous MLRS-1 model.

It uses gyroscopically stabilized, high-explosive micro-missiles capable of locking onto enemy targets similar to the Covenant's Type-52 plasma launcher.[1]


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Operational history[edit]

Succeeding the MLRS-1 model, the MLRS-2 was in use by UNSC forces by 2559. In this time, it was employed during the Installation 07 conflict.[1]

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