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This article is about the flamethrower introduced in Halo Wars. For the flamethrower featured in Halo: Combat Evolved for PC and Halo 3, see M7057 flamethrower.
M6634/Defoliant Projector
A render of the M6634 flamethrower from Halo Wars.
Production overview


Likely Misriah Armory[1][Note 1]

Model series:

NA4/Defoliant Projector




Ammunition type:

Napalm defoliant[1][2][3]

Rate of fire:


Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War[1][4]


The M6634/Defoliant Projector, also referred to as the 6634 DS,[5] is a flamethrower that was in service with the UNSC Marine Corps, particularly its Hellbringer divisions, during the early years of the Human-Covenant War.[1] Most notably, the weapon was used by troops of the UNSC Spirit of Fire in 2531, during the Harvest campaign, Battle for Arcadia and Battle of Trove.[4] The weapon is a variant of the NA4/Defoliant Projector.[2][Note 2]



"Does anyone realize how heavy these things really are?"
— Unnamed Hellbringer serviceman[citation needed]

The M6634/DP is one of at least two variants of the NA4/DP flamethrower in service with the UNSC.[1][2] It is large and bulky; rather than being attached to the frame of the projector, the fuel tank is carried on the user's back, allowing greater fuel capacity. In addition, the weapon can use a variety of flammable defoliants to compensate for the range of atmospheric and gravitational conditions it can be used in, including highly adherent napalm and oxide-mixed fuel.[3]

The M6634's primary function is to rout entrenched enemies. As such, M6634 users have a high attrition rate, despite the devastating damage they can inflict, due to the exposed fuel tanks which pose a critical vulnerability.[citation needed] The M6634 is compatible with the M301 Grenade Launcher attachment which can be used to launch flashbang grenades.[2][5] Hellbringers often do so before rushing enemy positions.[citation needed]


The M6634 had entered service by 2531 at the latest.[4]

By 2531, the Hellbringer complement of the UNSC Spirit of Fire had been outfitted with these weapons.[2] In February of that year, these soldiers would be deployed against the Covenant on the surface of Harvest and later Arcadia. The weapon would also see its first use against the Flood in this month, when the Spirit of Fire pursued a Covenant vessel deep into uncharted space and encountered the parasite on the artificial shield world known as Trove.[4]

Older models of NA4 such as the M6634 would see further use towards the end of the war, alongside the newer and more portable M7057 model, when UNSC forces once again encountered the Flood.[1]


"I tell ya, these things sure beat the old NA4 models..."
— Unnamed Hellbringer[6]

During the Second Ark Conflict in 2559, a number of Hellbringers on the Spirit of Fire used the more portable M7057 model.[7] This new model of NA4 was noted as being a significant improvement over "the old NA4 models", likely in reference to the M6634 which had been used by the Spirit of Fire's Hellbringer complement previously.[6]


In Halo Wars, the M6634 flamethrower is the primary weapon of the Hellbringer unit.[8] It excels in an anti-infantry role, able to kill enemy units with relative ease, and is also useful for destroying enemy buildings. However, it is essentially useless against enemy vehicle and air units, and it has a very short range.[2]

The Hellbringer unit can be upgraded to gain a flashbang ability. This equips the M6634 flamethrower with a grenade launcher attachment, which the Hellbringers can use to fire a flashbang grenade at enemy units. This will stun the enemy unit for a short period, allowing the Hellbringers to deal damage to them with little resistance. Additionally, a further upgrade will cause the flamethrower's napalm to stick to enemies and continue to deal damage for a while after the Hellbringer has stopped firing, and the final upgrade will increase the weapon's damage to enemy units across the board.[2]


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  1. ^ Although the manufacturer is unconfirmed, the M6634/Defoliant Projector is a variant of the NA4/Defoliant Projector. Another variant of the NA4, the M7057/Defoliant Projector, is known to be manufactured by Misriah, making it likely that the entire NA4 line is, including the M6634.
  2. ^ Most sources refer to this weapon as simply "the NA4". However, the Halo Wars: Official Strategy Guide identifies it specifically as the M6634/Defoliant Projector, and a later model of flamethrower called the M7057/Defoliant Projector was identified as a variation of the NA4 too, this time by Halo: The Essential Visual Guide. Consequently, this page treats the M6634 as one of multiple NA4 variants in existence.


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