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Weapon/Anti-Vehicle Model 6/R Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle
Production overview


Misriah Armory[1]

Model series:



Directed-energy weapon[1]


218,000 cR[2][3]



98.8 centimetres (38.9 in)[3] - 118.6 centimetres (46.7 in)[1]


  • Empty: 19.07 kilograms (42.0 lb)[3]
  • Loaded: 20.4 kilograms (45 lb)[3]

Ammunition type:

BA-53635/PLMD battery unit[2]

Feed system:

100 battery units (5 shots)[4]



Rate of fire:


Muzzle velocity:

299,792,458 m/s (983,571,056 ft/s)[3]

Effective range:


Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War


The Weapon/Anti-Vehicle Model 6/R Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle (W/AV M6/R G/GNR), colloquially known as the M6/R Spartan Laser, is a variant of the M6 Spartan Laser directed-energy weapon manufactured by Misriah Armory and used by the United Nations Space Command.[1]


Design details[edit]

Main article: M6 Spartan Laser

The M6/R Spartan Laser is one of a myriad of variants of the M6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle, an initially exorbitantly expensive weapon which underwent several refinements and iterations to reduce its cost.[6] As with all variants of the Spartan Laser, the M6/R has an integrated and smart-linked Wyrd III optics suite, capable of 3× magnification.[1] The M6/R is powered by the non-removable BA-53635/PLMD battery unit, which recharges via the PP-16979/AM-Sh.[2] Unlike other variants of the Spartan Lasers, however, an M6/R with a full battery unit can discharge five instead of four shots. Utilized for reconnaissance deployments and scouting maneuvers, the M6/R was built to preemptively target and eliminate critical enemy assets before their forces reached full strength.[1]

The weapon was one of many featured in Machines, Materiel and Munitions from the Human-Covenant Conflict, 2525 - Present.[2][3]


The M6/R is typically used in both anti-vehicle and anti-personnel roles during reconnaissance deployments and scouting maneuvers.[1][3] In 2552, the M6/R saw widespread use by the UNSC Marine Corps deployed to New Mombasa during the Battle of Mombasa.[7][8][9] It was also used by the UNSC forces attached to the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn during the Battle of Installation 00.[10] Notably, during the Raid on Installation 08, John-117 and Avery Johnson managed to destroy 343 Guilty Spark with four shots from an M6/R.[11]


Main article: Spartan Laser

The M6/R Spartan Laser is featured in Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST as a usable weapon known as the Spartan Laser. It is a power weapon, which fires a powerful laser that deals an incredible amount of damage, destroying all vehicles with a single well-placed shot. The Spartan Laser is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and to compensate, it has a limited use of five shots, a short cooldown after a discharge, and inability to pick up ammo.

Production notes[edit]

  • As a reference to its development program, the side of the M6/V has the Norse symbol for Gungnir etched into it, which was the mythical spear wielded by the god Odin in Norse Mythology. Gungnir was described as having the ability to always hit its mark. Part of the mythology is that Odin would hurl his spear over the doomed side of a battle.
  • In the Halo 3 Beta, if the reticule was moved while firing, a scattering of beams would be released, spreading over the targeted area. For the few frames while the laser is fired, the right targeting stick is disabled. The beam can be strafed, however, over a larger area if the player is moving while the laser is firing.
  • In the final campaign level of Halo 3, Avery Johnson offers John-117 an M6/R Spartan Laser with infinite ammo during the confrontation with 343 Guilty Spark. If the player kills Johnson prior to entering the control room, he drops an M6/R Spartan Laser with abysmally low ammo. If Johnson's body is removed from the play area, like being pushed off the map boundaries, he will respawn wielding an M6/R with infinite ammo.
  • When the player picks up a Spartan Laser that has a battery percentage that does not divide by 20 evenly, they will be able to fire a 20% powered laser and another shot after that with the remaining charge.
  • As with all battery weapons, a weapon with low power that is dropped on the ground when its AI operator is killed will be assigned a random power level between 60% and 70%, unless the player has activated the famine skull.


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