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NA4/Defoliant Projector
Hellbringers Soldier.png
Production overview


Incendiary projector


M7057/Defoliant Projector


Ammunition type:

Napalm defoliant[1]

Rate of fire:


Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War

A variety of mixtures have been created for work in various atmospheric and gravitational conditions, but they all work similarly to fry just about anything.

The NA4/Defoliant Projector[2] is an incendiary projector used by the UNSC Marine Corps, primarily by the Hellbringers.

Design detail[edit]

"Does anyone realize how heavy these things really are?"
— Unnamed Hellbringer Serviceman

The NA4/DP is a large and bulky; rather than being attached to the frame of the projector, the fuel tank is carried on the user's back, allowing greater fuel capacity. In addition, the weapon can use a variety of flammable defoliants to compensate for the range of atmospheric and gravitational conditions it can be used in, including highly adherent napalm and oxide-mixed fuel.[1] It continued to serve alongside the smaller and more portable variant M7057, especially after the encounter with the Flood.[2]

The NA4's primary function is to rout entrenched enemies. As such, NA4 users have a high attrition rate, despite the devastating damage they can inflict, due to the exposed fuel tanks which pose a critical vulnerability. The NA4 is compatible with the M301 Grenade Launcher attachment which can be used to launch flashbang grenades. Hellbringers often do so before rushing enemy positions.


Main article: M7057 flamethrower

The M7057 Defoliant Projector is a somewhat smaller and more portable variant of the NA4/DP. Instead of napalm, the M7057 uses Pyrosene-V for ammunition, and has a gas tank located on the back of weapon rather than on the user's back. The M7057 is more decorative, with a face of a shark painted on the heat shroud. It saw use in the Human-Covenant War's later period.[2]


The Halo Wars: Official Strategy Guide refers to the NA4 as "M6634 Defoliant System (M6634/DS)".


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